As women, we love feeling loved by a guy we adore. Hell! we love feeling LIKED by the guy we adore. Sometimes, we focus so much on how great that feeling is, we’ll somehow develop fear of losing that feeling. We choose two ways to prevent that from happening; play hard to get, or the complete opposite, have sex in hopes that the act will convince the guy to build more with you.

Some of us may do that without realizing it. It’s a part of emotionally manipulating the guy into making him want what you want. We don’t realize that it backfires on us, leaving us feeling used. Whether they’ve used us for sex or not, the fact is…we’ve used them.

When we use our vagina as bait to keep a man, our most prized possession loses its value. Especially when we have sex too soon. Granted, we’re all adults, but in retrospect, we should all want to get to know someone from the inside out before we give up the goodies and that takes a generous amount of time. Our past situationships has taught us that. Your goodies should be given to someone who will cherish your heart and wants something genuine with you.  Why waste your most prized possession on someone who hasn’t proved he can do that? Fuck now and ask questions later is the motto for some people who date occasionally. I’m not judgin’ but if we want love, we’re not gonna find it between the sheets with a guy who’s only interested in getting a nut with you.

Know your worth

Understand the true value of what you have between your legs, because when you’re aware, he’ll be aware.

Your vagina is not bait…it’s precious. A true gentleman will see your worth without sex.


Lakia Nichole

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