It’s been proven that black people choose who they want to be mad at and who they’ll remain fans of in this business of entertainment.

Black artists display their whole blackness through their work (films, music, television, etc) and we dig that shit until they show off their spouse of another race. Suddenly, their black card is revoked. My question is why does it have to be that way? Regardless of who the artist marry, that particular artist is still BLACK.

That has been the question since news broke of Nate Parker who has recently become a father for the fourth time with his wife of nine years, Sarah DiSanto. Parker received more criticism about his non-black wife than praise for his new bundle of joy.

Fans are taken aback, considering Parker’s activism and his work in many films depicting black history and black culture; films like “A Birth Of A Nation”, “The Great Debaters”, and Beyond The Lights”.

I am reminded often of how fickle us black folks can be as fans.

Forget the fact that Parker’s resume is damn near a template of Sidney Poitier’s resume!

Forget the fact that Nate Parker is a BLACK man who uses his star power to empower his people!

Forget the fact that a film he’s created has made history at the Sundance Film Festival!

Forget the fact that he’s built a school for young filmmakers!

Apparently, he’s not woke enough to some of us because he’s decided to not limit his heart to one race. If that doesn’t scream ignorance, I don’t know what does!

I guess Jesse Williams’ dad’s card is revoked, although he had a hand in raising one of the most WOKEST black men in Hollywood!

I guess Alicia Keys’ Dad’s card is revoked, although he helped create a baby girl who grew to become one of this nation’s prominent humanitarians!

I guess Faith Evan’s mom’s card is revoked, although she’s raised one of the biggest R&B stars of our time She recognizes herself as a BLACK woman, writing songs about what BLACK women go through!

I guess Gary Owen’s wife’s card is revoked for taking a chance with her heart and found TRUE love with a funny white guy who we would pay to see on stage and in films!

I guess Derek Jeter’s father’s card is revoked, although he raised one of the best Yankees players!


When are we going to stop bashing people for having the courage to live in this world with an opened mind and an opened heart? Nate Parker doesn’t have to “prove” his blackness to anyone, and guess what? His kids could grow up and turn out to be who the world need! Let’s stay out of these grown folks’ business and just admire the work that they do. Who these public figures decide to marry will NEVER affect your lives in any way, so why are we turning this man’s Twitter mentions into shambles???


Get off social media and be an adult

Lakia Nichole

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