I’ve discovered a new “pet peeve”.

It’s fashion designers who over-price their stuff, not thinking about the customer who loves their stuff, yet, can’t afford it.

designers don’t create with the average consumer in mind. They create with associates and public figures in mind…you know….those people who can AFFORD to purchase a bag for over $1,000.

Christian Louboutin is receiving rave reviews for his new line of bags called ‘Africaba’The bags are created with different African fabrics with an assortment of beautiful bright colors. While we think his bags are dope as hell, we [black folks with regular jobs] can’t help but get agitated at the fact that it costs too damn much to represent The Motherland. Meanwhile, our richer counterparts can probably rock an ‘Africaba’ bag in every design, every day of the week.


I’d love an ‘Africaba’ bag now, but I’m not going to get my lights turned off for one.

I’m already salty that I have yet to experience a CL shoe. The cheapest shoe is well over 500 bucks! I would like to think that I can treat myself to a pair, but my entrepreneurship has to be on 100 before I can believe that! I’m sure every other CL fan has felt the same way.

Does Christian Louboutin even know that half of his consumer base finds themselves suddenly making life decisions at the shoe store when they see that shoe with the red sole?




I can’t help but get offended for the designers who sells their hand-crafted African bags on Etsy for less than 100 bucks. Check here to check out the different shops. A lot of them are really cute! You’ll come to realize who the REAL financial support should go to.

The bottom line is society thrives off name brands and fashion designers make a killing off of a society that does so! At the same time, the poor gets poorer, trying to “keep up with the Jones”.

The rest of us will window shop until we know we can afford an Africaba bag.



Lakia Nichole
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