A Tumblr user got more than she bargained for when she posted a dual image of herself with and without “makeup”. As a result, folks criticized her for trying to be something she’s not. The woman responded with saying that being offensive wasn’t her intentions, according to a source.

“My explanation is: I’m half latina, so when I go out in the sun, I easily get a tan. Plus I’m wearing self tanner and makeup in the picture where I’m darker. And in the picture that I’m pale, I clearly did not have a tan and no makeup on. And when di it become horrible to want to be tan/dark? I am not trying to be black, and frankly, I don’t even look black. I have white/latina features. But I’m sorry to those who got offended. That was really not my intention. I respect other people’s culture and I’m not trying to steal anything from you. But there are so many beautiful black people and I get inspired by you. And the fact that I’m “obsessed” with your culture isn’t completely wrong to say because I know about your history and I want to support that, and there have been so many great people with a great message to the world. That’s all.”

The woman has since deleted her Tumblr account


Fam, does her explanation make sense to you? Sound off!

Lakia Nichole

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