󾬎 #IndiaKager 󾬎 PLEASE WATCH MY 1st VIDEO. Prior to today, I’ve never recorded my CRUSHING pain and grief over the #execution of my beautiful 27 year old daughter, India by 4+ #VBPD #SWAT on 09-05-15. I’m TOTALLY #DEVASTATED and I STRUGGLE…EVERY…DAY. ALL of the #PoliceOfficers responsible need to be held #ACCOUNTABLE NOW!! https://www.gofundme.com/9ud9enqk
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Posted by Gina Best on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A parent should never have to experience unimaginable pain like losing a child in such a violent way like Gina Best has. Unfortunately, in America, too many mothers are losing their babies…if not by the streets, by uniformed officers with guns. In the case of Gina Best, justice is still something she struggles to have for her daughter.

In September of 2015, 27-year-old India Kager was gunned down 30 times in her car while her 4-month-old son was in the back seat. The baby was unharmed, as Kager died protecting him.
According to Ms. Best, authorities will not release the names of the officers involved as a means for safety.

Kager was in the driver seat of a parked car and her boyfriend, Angelo Perry who also died, was in the passenger seat. Parked at a 7-Eleven in Virginia Beach, A SWAT team approached the vehicle when Perry opened fire.

Six months after the terrible incident, Ms. Best takes to social media to bring justice for her daughter.



According to NY Daily News, Police have said the gun that Perry fired at them outside a 7-Eleven — as well as another hidden in his car — had been used to shoot five people, two fatally, over a 26-day period leading up to the shooting. The Washington Post reporrts that Virginia Beach Police Chief Jim Cervera said at a news conference in September that special operations cops were trailing Perry after learning he was planning to commit a violent crime.He said the SWAT officers didn’t know the baby boy was in the car that night and didn’t mean to shoot Kager.

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