This young lady’s level of pettiness is on 10 for making her boyfriend distraught by faking a tragedy. You have to give her credit for the effort she put into this messy-ass prank though!

A popular YouTuber by the name of De’arra thought it would be the perfect opportunity to prank her boyfriend, Ken. Ken, who is also the costar of their Youtube channel, ‘De’arra & Ken 4 Life’, was overcome with panic when he comes home to find De’arra on the floor in a pool of “blood”.

He begins to sob, as he straddles her body and attempts to bring her to consciousness by shaking her “lifeless” body. Little does he know that he is being recorded by a hidden camera and the whole thing is a sick joke…until De’arra opens her eyes and starts laughing. Watch the cringe-worthy video below.


What would YOU do if your mate pulled this sick prank on you?

Lakia Nichole

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