It never fails…

The moment you feel like you’ve lost something or someone valuable…something later in life shows you that what didn’t happen, happened because it wasn’t for you. That’s when life shows you that you’ve dodged a big bullet.

I appreciate the moments when I feel like I’ve been saved! Whether it was God, or simply using my intuition, events in my life that don’t always go as planned may actually be a good thing. Of course, I don’t see that at the moment.

We have to trust the process because if we don’t, we’ll always be in a position of doubt. That doubt turns into frustration, rendering us powerless of our emotions and well-being.

When things don’t work out in our favor at the present, it’s because things are working out for a better  future. Somehow, situations are reversed, so we could “start over”. That’s how we learn our most valuable lessons. In the midst of those lessons, we come to discover that we may have missed a bullet…meaning that what was disguised as a blessing, turned out to be a hindrance that we don’t have to deal with. “Dodging bullets” gives us the opportunity to fill the space we’ve created with blessings that we’ve earned.




Lakia Nichole
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