How many of us has convinced ourselves, at least once in our lifetime, that something we need to accomplish will be done later and not sooner? How many of us have failed at meeting that goal?

*raises hand*

Many of us go through life with many distractions and setbacks that cause us to hinder our abilities to “get things done”. We’ll procrastinate because we think we have enough time, resources, or monetary support, only to find out at the last-minute that things may not go as planned because we’re short on those three components. That “later” turns into “never” and before we realize it….we’ve missed what may have been our only opportunity.

It’s obvious that laziness plays a part in procrastination, so we can’t always blame our shortcoming on the lack of the three components aforementioned. If we want different results we have to do things differently and that includes being proactive. Even with distractions and setbacks, it’s up to us to keep movin’ in order to get shit done. Do what you can, even if it’s a bit at a time until you’re satisfied. Each step we take towards our goal counts, because we’re a step further than where we’ve started. All it takes is a slight push.

Instead of waiting later to do something, try working towards your goal right then and there; the moment your goal enters your mind, you should do something that will bring you a step ahead. There’s a saying, ‘the sooner, the better’.

Procrastination is overrated and for losers and I say this with love. As a result, I push myself to get things done and you know what? I always feel good in the end.


Because I would have otherwise, put something off, which would have created more stressful situations for me; something I can always avoid by just doing what I set myself up to do.

We don’t often think that some things intervene and because of that, we have to remind ourselves that things change and we’ll never know what happens in the future. It’s important for us to do what we’re going to do and when we’re going to do it and stick with it!

I know, I know…that’s easier said than done.

I get that

However, No one ever said good things come easy. Practicing structure and staying dedicated is not always an easy thing to do when you have twenty things going on in your life, but they make life easier.

That’s definitely a good thing.

Live in the present moment, not the future…and get things done.

Lakia Nichole

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