Some of us may not be where we want to be in life, but we are a lot better off than where we were in the past. Even if it feels like the complete opposite, we have to realize that every day we’re given an opportunity to make changes for a better life.

Every thought, every action, and every reaction starts with us and ends with us. We can always blame everyone else for what’s not going  right but what good will that do? Ultimately, everything that’s happening in our lives are based off our decision-making. We are responsible for what’s happening and what’s not happening.

So what do we do to make the necessary changes?

Decide if we’ve had enough.

If we’re seeking new results, we have to do things differently.

Stop placing blame on others.

Understand that it’s okay to fail. It’s getting back up and not quitting that matters.

Keep going, even if you fumble along the way.

Focus on what you want to accomplish.

Slow down and just enjoy the now

Stay true to who you are.

Know that pain and failure are your greatest teachers.


These are sure-fire ways to help make the best of our lives. As long as we view what’s happening with an optimistic mindset, we can live the life we deserve. No one is stopping us but us.

Ae you ready to make changes?




Lakia Nichole

Lakia Nichole’s Blog is a platform to showcase love for my people, our culture, and all positive things in-between.