This piece comes after a very trying day. I swear! I work VERY hard at not giving the devil work to do, but somehow he manages to get overtime on making some of my days unlivable! As a result, I automatically assume the rest of my life will be the same as today.

That is…until I come back to my senses.

When we go through tough days, we have to keep in mind that we have to fight through some of our bad days, so we can experience the best days of our lives. Of course, it’s not easy when external forces make you go out of character…



At the end of the day (literally), all that matters is that you didn’t let what happened rob you of your peace of mind.

We have to go through a lot to get where we want to be and that includes battling ourselves to live up to others’ potential and struggling to be or do better than the day before. We all navigate through life with ups and downs, fighting our way to our ultimate life goals, yet still uncertain if we’ll get there.  What’s most important is that we don’t let obstacles get in the way and we keep going. Those obstacles include what others do or say to affect your optimistic attitude.

If you’ve had a bad day like I did…remember that there’s always Tomorrow. You’ve got to get up, get on, and get over it…get it all to be strong! Sorry ya’ll…I’ve been on my Tevin Campbell kick heavy lately 😉


Lakia Nichole

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