I think we can all agree that making a good impression on a first date is essential if we want a second. That’s why it’s important to know what topics we should NEVER bring up unless you want a drink thrown in your face or ditched with the check.

Below, is a list of topics that we should avoid and the reasons why. Bookmark this joint as a reminder!


Sex– I’m going to be gender-biased and assume this may be harder for men to do than women. You guys tend to find clever ways to bring up sex on the first date, without saying the actual word. A cautious woman who really wants to get to know you will pick up on that immediately and trust and believe…she will be turned off rather than turned on. Think OUTSIDE the box and prove to the lil’ lady that not all men have sex on the brain. Unless she is interested in sex as well, You might want to consider this date to be a last and take an “L”. You’ll be lucky if she’ll want a second date by the end of the night. Bringing up sex on a first date is not cute.

Politics– The way this presidential election is going, there’s no way anything good can come out of a conversation involving politics. What’s even worse is discovering your date doesn’t share your views. Nothing brings tension like finding out your date is a member of a political party you’d never expect.

Same Sex Relationships– Let’s be real, there’s still a lot of homophobia out there. If you’re a supporter of the LGBTC and he/she isn’t or vice-versa, it can be pretty difficult to continue a conversation that obviously got too intense.Unless, you’re both adult enough to agree to disagree and move on, expect the date to be the only date between you two.

Marriage– This is particularly for those who dates to find a spouse. Mention that on a first date, and you’ll add to the already added pressure from your date of trying to impress you. Don’t scare your date away with your eagerness to walk down the aisle.


What are other topics you think shouldn’t be brought up on a first date? Share in the comments below!


Lakia Nichole

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