I think I was the biggest fan of The Jets among my peers in the eighties.

I wanted to dress like them, sing like them and dance like them.

I wanted to BE a Jet!

Unfortunately, my version of “Curiosity” wasn’t as polished as theirs, so I stuck to my dream of becoming a cast member on the TV hit show Fame.

The eight-member band which consisted of brothers and sisters from Minneapolis,Minnesota (originally from Tonga) stole many hearts with their cute baby faces and age-appropriate hits. Songs like “Curiosity”, “Crush On You”, and ” You Got It All”  all made top 10 singles on Billboard.


Where are they now?

The Jets band can be found playing at county fairs and casinos. In 2013, The Jets released a new album called Reunited, which includes a remake of their hit “Crush On You”. Reunited is available in all digital music outlets.


Lakia Nichole

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