15 years ago today, the world of R&B was rocked with the news of the death of Aaliyah.

I remember where I was when I heard the tragic news.

I was in my bedroom, listening to the radio when the song playing was abruptly stopped by the DJ. I immediately picked up on the distress in the DJ’s voice, which prompted a certain level of nervousness in me. I had a feeling he was about to report bad news.

in the next three minutes all I heard was the name Aaliyah….the words, plane crash….death….and my whole body went numb. I had to take a seat on my bed to keep from falling to my knees. A young woman whom I admired and looked forward to more from her….is gone….just like that.



Aaliyah was killed along with seven other people when their private plane crashed moments after takeoff in the Bahamas. Aaliyah and her crew, including her hairstylist and makeup artist, were in the Bahamas making the video for her hit, “Rock The Boat”.
Officials reported there was one critically injured survivor, a man who was flown to Florida for treatment.

The 22-year-old Grammy-nominated stunner and her crew were headed back to the United States when the plane, a Cessna 402 went down soon after takeoff.


CNN said there were reports the plane was overloaded.

After the dJ’s announcement about Aaliyah’s death, I turned on the television and there were reports on just about every cable music channel. Breaking news and CNN reports periodically chronicled Aaliyah’s rise to stardom throughout the day.

I was an awe of this special young lady, whose life was cut short in less than five minutes in the air.

Below, is a few memorable video footages of Aaliyah, which reminds us of who she was and what she would have become. Aaliyah is truly missed!


Lakia Nichole

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