New York Undercover was one of the dopest cop dramas EVER on primetime television.

You had two handsome brown brothas of African-American and Latino descent, chasing bad guys, solving cases, and looking damn good doing it! Malik Yoba and Michael Delorenzo was that dynamic duo that couldn’t be touched. Before New York Undercover premiered, primetime television didn’t really have a detective series that didn’t appeal to many viewers who are people of color.


Because unlike New York Undercover, those other  shows lacked flavor, despite a good run with their networks. NYU was THAT show that stood out. Two detectives who looked, act, and dressed like the brotha we live down the street from, or like our first cousin, or that dude we’ve been crushing on.


I alternated my crushes.

One week it would be Detective Williams (Malik Yoba on left) and the following week, it’d be Detective Torres (Michael DeLorenzo on right)

Along with the end-of-your-seat storylines, was the soundtrack of hit songs that were popular in the nineties. I also looked forward to the musical guest who performed in “Natalie’s” night club at the end of each episode. Y’all know windin’ down to some ‘feel good’ music and sippin’ on glasses of spirits is necessary when you have a busy life, solving crimes!

Anyway…it was that fateful night when that dynamic duo turned into a one-man mission when my boy “Eddie Torres” was killed off the third season’s finale.


My dude, Eddie Torres, was killed off and my heart BROKE into a gazillion pieces. I was no more good after that car blew up! It didn’t resonate with me until days later that when the next season airs, there would be no more Eddie. I wanted to throw my punch bowl to the floor!

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I gave a mental funeral for Eddie Torres while praying that producers would replace him with someone as fly as he was and complemented Detective Williams as he had.


NYU was never really the same, literally, and hypothetically! Fox tried it by adding “No job-havin’ Tommy” from Martin and some  dude who looked like a low-budget Sean Penn!

I couldn’t!

As far as I’m concerned, it was the season finale when Eddie died. Fox betrayed me with those wack characters and although I gave them a chance,  I ultimately “broke up” with Thursday at 9 pm. Thursday nights at 9 pm had me on lock until Eddie was killed.

Lakia Nichole

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