One of the components to making a funny ass sitcom is two of its main characters constantly throwing shade at one another!

Clapbacks, insensitive jokes, and straight ignorance were part of the reason we’ve tuned into these particular sitcoms, anticipating the love/hate relationships between these scene-stealing characters.  Below, is a list of our favorite “head-butters” from the best throwback sitcoms!

Did your faves make the list?


“Florence and George” From ‘The Jeffersons’

From the moment Florence was “hired” on the first episode, we knew George Jefferson met his match! The sassy, no-nonsense maid regularly bickered with George and George complained a lot about her laziness and cooking. Despite their ongoing battle, the two really did like each other. They supported one another when it really mattered.



“Whitley and Jaleesa” from ‘A Different World’

Whitley rubbed a lot of people the wrong way with her bougie personality. However, Jaleesa was one of two (other was Dwayne) who wasn’t afraid to tell Whitley about herself if need be. Their relationship reminded me of Whitley as the annoying little sister who tried to act more mature than her older sister. Jaleesa was more of a realist compared to Whitley, who was a bit detached from reality…one of the reasons why they’ve always clashed!


“Uncle Phil and Jeffrey” from ‘Fresh Prince of Belair’

I think we can all agree that Jeffrey was the best shade-thrower ever, especially at Uncle Phil. The proud British butler with an impeccable work ethic didn’t hesitate to display some sarcasm when needed.


“Thelma and J.J.” from ‘Good Times’

These two had the typical brother/sister relationship , which made for great bickering sessions in front of the camera. We knew they loved each other, but we as fans anticipated their iconic arguments every week.


“Kyle and Maxine” from ‘Living Single’

These two got on each other’s nerves so much, it was obvious they liked each other. After years of dissin’ each other, Kyle and Maxine finally took their intense relationship to the next level in one epic episode; they argued in one scene and was in bed together in the next scene.


“Martin and Pam” from ‘Martin’

Now, you know I couldn’t forget to add Pam and Martin to this list!

These two are the inspiration behind this piece! From Pam’s “beady-beads” to her bad breath and Martin’s height and ears; the word exchange between Martin and Pam was so epic, I’m convinced fans cringed with embarrassment, as if WE were being dissed.


Lakia Nichole

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