Growing up in the nineties was an experience for folks in my generation (70s babies) and the generation under us! Most of us were either starting our lives as a high school graduate or already in adulthood, getting a taste of more independence. Music for us was more meaningful and full of substance back then, and television was a lot different with scripted television and our choices of talk shows. B.E.T was the primary cable network for black folks and back then, we had more programs to look forward to, compared to today’s programs. I had so many favorite programs from that network that was so fun and entertaining to watch. I miss those programs, so I want to take the time to share my faves from the nineties era!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane!


Teen Summit with Ananda Lewis


There were a few hosts from Teen Summit, but Ananda Lewis is one host who sticks out for me. I loved Teen Summit because it was a platform for teens to come together and discuss topics related to teen issues. It was talk show for teenagers that aired every Saturday, and it also included special celebrity guests and performers.



Oh, Drama!




The Real is the very successful B.E.T. talk show with hosts, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon. But The Real isn’t the only talk show that didn’t capture us with hot topics & favorable celebs. There was another talk show that fans absolutely adored and enjoyed in the nineties. Oh, Drama! was the premiere B.E.T. talk show that grabbed the viewers’ attention. Although a few of the hosts were replaced a few times, they kept that spark to keep the show a success. Much like The Real, Oh, Drama! was hosted by dynamic women who were highly opinionated & kept their highly charged, night-time talk show energized with everything entertainment and topics that their viewing audience could relate to.





Cita’s World



Cita was annoying, but we couldn’t turn the channel! The sassy virtual chick gave us our daily video countdown and we couldn’t help but love her for her homegirl swag while updating us on the music and the latest celebrity gossip!




Hits From The Streets



Al Shearer from Hits From The Streets is the original “one-man show” He covered entertainment, comedy interviews, and travel all in one hilarious show!





Video Soul



Video Soul was the premiere B.E.T video countdown show and the green-eyed host, Donnie Simpson, made it even more enjoyable to watch. His charm, along with his celebrity guests and video choices was the highlight of our day.



College  Hill



College Hill was full of roommate drama and ratchetness, yet, we couldn’t turn the channel! These young ppl’s lives were displayed on television like a young, black Young & The Restless. However, we could relate to them all to some degree!



106 & Park



Who could forget 106 & Park with the original hosts, Free & A.J.?

Much like Video Soul, 106 & Park was the”go to” video program, but for a much younger and hipper audience. The show’s hosts were the perfect match, had the perfect look, and were fun to watch because their chemistry was amazing.


Lakia Nichole

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