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Those are just a few of our favorites that come up in our minds when we think of Glow.  Back in the day, if we weren’t glued to the television for Soul Train on Saturdays, we were for Glow! As gimmicky as Glow was, it still became one of the most watched amongst my peers. Because of the popularity of WWF, it was cool as hell to see women wrestlers that our ten-year-old selves could mimic.

Thinking about it now, as “serious” the sport of wrestling is supposed to be, we didn’t care that skits were included in the half-hour show, because they were fun for us to watch. You would’ve thought we were watching an episode of Saturday Night Live with a wrestling match thrown in. Nevertheless, Glow was the shit. Do you remember Glow (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling)? Who was your favorite wrestler?


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