It was December 2nd, 1983


The music video for the much-anticipated single “Thriller” premiered on MTV when MTV (Music Television) showed actual music videos.

I was eight years old at the time and my school made the video debut an event, equipped with a huge television and a VHS recorder set up in the middle of our school’s cafeteria. “Thriller” debut during school hours, so apparently someone recorded it and brought the VHS tape to the school so us “good kids” could watch.

We knew Michael Jackson was someone special when he was on stage with his brothers as the Jackson Five. When Off The Wall debuted, we thought Michael stood out from his brothers for a reason…he was meant to go solo. When the Thriller album debuted, we knew we had a “gem” of an artist in Michael Jackson who could never be replaced.

When we watched the Thriller video that day, I had this overwhelmingly pleasant feeling that we were witnessing the birth and progress of a global icon.

I never thought of Michael Jackson the same since. Michael became a living legend before my very young eyes. I was totally impressed with the treatment of the video and at that time, we weren’t used to watching videos conceptualized as short films.

My impression of Thriller was nothing short of amazed. I wanted to be Ola Rae badly. The dancing zombies is EVERYTHING and Michael was so damn fine in his red leather jacket and skinny jeans! Michael was a bad man to pull off that look! I think he was the ONLY man on earth who made skinny jeans and penny loafers look good!


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I know you’ve seen this one million times. What’s the harm in watching it again? 🙂


Lakia Nichole

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