Zendaya just can’t get a break!

First, she was the wrong person to play “Aaliyah”, and according to some Marvel fans white folks, she’s the wrong person to play “Mary Jane” in the next ‘Spiderman’.

Apparently, she’s the wrong color and the white folks didn’t hesitate to vent about Zendaya on Twitter.



If we can accept a black Hermione from the stage version of ‘Harry Potter’, then y’all should accept a black Mary Jane!

Besides, Zendaya is a very talented young lady. I’m sure she’ll pull off ”Mary Jane” very well! Hell! She can DYE her hair RED!

I’m totally diggin’ Zendaya’s newest single, “Something New” Ft. Chris Brown. The hot-to-death single sends us to a bit of nostalgia, as it samples “Creep” by  TLC, which they’ve originally sampled from Slick Rick’s “Hey Young World”.

Press play below and get into “Something New” by Zendaya!


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Teen sensation Zendaya went ALL IN for her latest photo shoot with Mane Addicts. With her photogenic beauty and the creative direction of photographer Law Roach, was a photo shoot masterpiece created as Zendaya channels legends like Grace Jones and Cindy Crawford.

I’ve taken fashion risks since I was really young,” says actress, singer, and dancer. “I’ve always been into dressing different and doing different things.”


“The theme of the shoot felt like going through different decades of beauty,” Larry explains. “Zendaya is fearless. She’s a creator’s dream.

Check out more images and more on the details of the shoot here.