This young man got a surprise that brought him to tears. Hit play below and grab some tissue!

What a blessing!
We need more folks like this gentleman. He didn’t have to tip that large, but he did out of the kindness of his heart. He has blessed this young man and paid for his car. Being kind like this gentleman doesn’t have to involve money. Asking someone how their day is may be just what someone need.

We’ll never know what someone is going through.

What would you do if you were the waiter?

Singer/actress, Letoya Luckett, is back on the music scene with brand new music and a brand new look to match!

The former member of Destiny Child, who rocked a shoulder-length wrap with a bang for many years, is now rocking a cute pixie cut and showing it off in her newest visual.

“Bak 2 Life” is the latest single from the forthcoming album,  ‘Until Then’. The Michael Vaughn Hernandez-directed visual to Luckett’s hot new single is an 8-minute movie that tells the story of a couple at odds. In one scene, Letoya’s character meets Cynthia, her man’s “best friend”, for the first time. The meeting turns into an uneasy moment for Letoya, as she watches the two inappropriately embrace. The plot thickens when Letoya suspects that her man is a little too friendly with his female best friend. The video ends with a heated argument between LeToya and her man, resulting in her leaving the relationship.

The scene with the girlfriend meeting the best friend has circulated throughout the internet, having fans asking themselves what they would do if they were in that situation.  The treatment conceptualized behind this thought-provoking visual provides a cautionary tale for those who are dealing with someone who has a best friend of the opposite sex.

Press play below!

What would YOU do if you were Letoya’s character?

This young lady’s level of pettiness is on 10 for making her boyfriend distraught by faking a tragedy. You have to give her credit for the effort she put into this messy-ass prank though!

A popular YouTuber by the name of De’arra thought it would be the perfect opportunity to prank her boyfriend, Ken. Ken, who is also the costar of their Youtube channel, ‘De’arra & Ken 4 Life’, was overcome with panic when he comes home to find De’arra on the floor in a pool of “blood”.

He begins to sob, as he straddles her body and attempts to bring her to consciousness by shaking her “lifeless” body. Little does he know that he is being recorded by a hidden camera and the whole thing is a sick joke…until De’arra opens her eyes and starts laughing. Watch the cringe-worthy video below.


What would YOU do if your mate pulled this sick prank on you?

Can you imagine shopping at Victoria’s Secret, only to be thrown out because someone else was caught stealing?

According to a shopper who is a black woman, she and another black woman was thrown out of a Victoria’s Secret store after the staff caught another black woman, who wasn’t with them, stealing. The incident happened at the Oxford Valley Mall location in Langhorne, PA.

The shopper was so furious, she had to vent on video and post it on social media.

If mass media gets a hold of this video, it will not be good! Lots of black women purchase VS merchandise.

What would YOU do if this happened to you?

We all like to do things for our friends because we love them and they’re like family, right?

I’m sure Michael Ranson thought the same thing about his friend, Ami Cullimore, who wanted children.

In the year 2000, Ranson, who is a gay man, agreed to donate his sperm so Cullimore could undergo IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). Cullimore ultimately gave birth to two children with Ranson’s help.

According to The Montreal Gazette, Ranson’s help came with a few agreements:

Ranson and Cullimore signed an agreement that granted her full custody. The agreement also included a clause that stated Cullimore would not seek financial support for the children from him. Although he planned to be part of their lives as an extended member because he didn’t want children of his own, financial responsibility wasn’t part of the deal. 16 years later and now a doctor, Cullimore is suing Ranson for child support.

Despite the agreement they signed, there’s a legal loophole in Canada that may leave high and dry. If a judge rules in Cullimore’s favor, unfortunately, Ranson will be responsible for “four years of retroactive child support, since 2012, as well as other expenses, including post-secondary education,” according to the publication. His attorney, Shirley Levitan, is hoping their previous agreement holds up in court, but there’s a strong possibility Ranson could be held accountable for the children.

What would YOU do if you were Ranson?

Source: Queerty




Imagine going to a casino, not expecting to “hit it big”, but win just enough money to get you through the next couple of weeks. Imagine never expecting Lady Luck on your side win you randomly decide to play the slots and much to your surprise, hit the jackpot for 42.9 million dollars.

Now imagine having so much excitement, thinking of your future as a multi-millionaire, only for your dreams to be crushed the moment an official tells you you’ve won nothing, because the machine you played was “malfunctioned”.

That’s exactly what happened to Katrina Bookman back in August when she visited the Resorts World Casino in New York.


Katrina’s winnings attracted a huge crowd and like anyone who wins a jackpot, security escorted Bookman from the casino floor for her protection. The plan was for Ms. Bookman to return the next day to collect her winnings. Instead, she received a blow to the chest when she was told her that the machine malfunctioned and that she didn’t win a single thing.

via ABC 7:

“I said what did I win? (The casino representative said,) ‘You didn’t win nothing,’” she recalled.

Bookman said the only thing the casino offered her was a steak dinner.

The New York State Gaming Commission said Bookman’s slot machine malfunctioned. “Malfunctions void all pays and plays,” a warning states on all the slot machines in the casino.

“They win and the house doesn’t want to pay out. To me that’s unfair,” Alan Ripka, Bookman’s attorney said.

Ripka and Bookman believe she should win the maximum allowed on the Sphinx machine, which the casino said is $6,500.

“The machine takes your money when you lose. It ought to pay it when you win,” Ripka stated.

“I feel I should win the max and I will treat him to a steak dinner,” Bookman said.

According to the gaming commission, the casino could not legally award the max pay-out.

The gaming commission said Bookman was only entitled to her winnings: just $2.25.

The slot machine was pulled immediately after the incident, fixed, and put back out on the casino floor, according to the gaming commission.

According to sources, Bookman’s attorney, Alan Ripka, says that this is completely unfair — all the way around. “The machine takes your money when you lose,” notes Ripka. “It ought to pay it when you win.”

Bookman plans to sue the casino, obviously.

The casino mentions that the maximum payout allowed on Katrina’s machine was supposedly $6,500. However, the gaming commission stepped in and said that the casino couldn’t legally pay her anything — given they ruled it as a malfunction. The commission states that they could only give her “winnings”…$2.25.


What would YOU do if you were in this position?


Imagine being the representative of a newspaper publication who has to explain this awkward mishap!

55-year-old Leroy “Blast” Black of Egg Harbor Township, NJ, succumbed to lung cancer on August 2, 2016. When readers initially saw two obituaries published of the man in the 5th edition of The Press Of Atlantic City , they assumed it was a printing error. That is…until they read the peculiar differences in the writings of ;  one is written by his wife, and the other is written by his girlfriend.

According to The Philly Voice, a funeral home spokesperson said that the newspaper determined that two obituaries were necessary because “the wife wanted it one way, and the girlfriend wanted it another way.” Rather than fight with the two women, who were already grieving, the paper decided to say yes to both of them.

What would YOU do if you were the wife in this situation???

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