The First Lady of Gospel, Pastor Shirley Caesar, recently visited ‘The Wendy Williams’ show to discuss becoming a viral sensation from one of her popular Gospel songs. The song, which includes a verse naming certain comfort foods, has been remixed endlessly and dubbed the #UNameItChallenge.

All over the net, fans and celebs have recorded themselves  and/or compiled random clips of folks booty-poppin’, gyrating, break-dancing and some more stuff to this historic gospel song…LOL.

All in fun, though…and watching Mama Shirley during this interview, she appears to have no problem with it all.

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Mama Shirley wasn’t playin’ about those coins! She now has #UNameIt merchandise for sale!
Check out her website!

Ever wondered about the full version of Pastor Caesar’s video?

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The ever-so-graceful and VERY shy super songwriter/producer, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds recently visited ‘The Wendy Williams Show’.

If you’re a fan of ‘Dancing With The Stars’, then you know Babyface was just booted off as a contestant. He shares with Wendy why he signed up as a contestant and opens up about legendary singer, Pebbles and her battle with Lifetime’s TLC biopic. Get into the interesting interview below.

Teyana Taylor visited the Wendy Williams Show for an exclusive on her collab with Kanye West for the “Fade” video, being a mom to her beautiful baby girl, and wife to Cleveland Cavaliers star, Iman Shumpert. It was clear that Teyana was trying to keep the marriage to herself until she slipped up and said “husband” in the middle of her interview.


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Wendy Williams paid tribute to her friend and “wigologist”, Antwon Jackson, during her eighth season premiere. Jackson died suddenly at the age of 44 during the summer from an undisclosed cause. Williams was overcome with emotion as she shared the connection she and Jackson had.
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Via NJ:
The North Carolina native and Emmy-winning hairstylist, who was responsible for Williams’ trademark wigs, had been with the talk show host for several years, was a frequent guest on her after-show on YouTube, and spent time at Williams’ New Jersey home and frequently traveled with her. He was engaged to Dontay Savoy, another hairstylist who appeared on WE’s reality show “L.A. Hair.” Jackson leaves behind a 25-year-old son, DeAntwon Jackson.


Rest in heaven, Antwon Jackson.

The last time we told you about Roland Martin, he gave Wendy Williams a piece of his mind on his show, ‘News One Now’, regarding her remarks about HBCUs and the NAACP.

Wendy has since admitted that she was wrong and invited Mr. Martin on HER show to educate her and her audience on the history of the NAACP, HBCUs and weighed in on race in America, police brutality, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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On a recent ‘News One Now’ episode with Roland Martin, he didn’t hesitate to give Ms. Wendy Williams a piece of his mind regarding her recent comments about the NAACP and HBCUs. Click here for her comments.

Well, fans of both journalists are surprised to know that Roland Martin was invited to Wendy Williams’ show to discuss his response to Wendy’s comments. This will be one interview that we look forward to. I have a feeling sparks will fly through the roof!


Will you tune in?

Wendy Williams is known for saying some crazy stuff. Unfortunately, she dug herself a deeper hole that she cannot climb out of with her recent comments about the NAACP and HBCUs. In the clip below, Wendy gossips about Ciara and Russel Wilson and their marriage. Skip to Mark 16:00 to the comments that’s got her in hot water.

If you know of Roland Martin, then you already know that he speaks his mind and doesn’t hold back! Apparently, he got wind of Wendy’s comment, so he did what he does best…he read her for filth during a segment on his TV One program.

Tito Jackson of The Jackson 5 visited ‘The Wendy Williams Show’  to promote his new album, ‘Tito Time’. Of course, Wendy asked all the right questions to get the tea on Tito and his family. The 62-year-old brother of the late Michael Jackson reveals how he found out about his sister, Janet’s pregnancy, his brother, Jermaine, on the infamous episode of ‘Wife Swap’, Bobby Brown’s book confession about dating Janet, which their Dad, Joe, allegedly disapproved, the Kardashians,, and more!

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The internet is still buzzing about Tamar Braxton’s departure from ‘The Real’. After much speculation about why and who was involved, Loni Love, one of the hosts of the Daytime Emmy-Nominated show, finally speaks out. In her video, she even calls out talk show host, Wendy Williams, for insinuating that Loni already knew about Tamar during a recent interview on her show.

Watch both videos below!

The ADORABLE Alfred Enoch AKA Wes from ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ recently visited the Wendy Williams show and gave such a delightful interview. The handsome star, who happens to be from London, England, not only impressed Wendy and her audience with his dimples, but his ability to switch between his British accent and his American accent that he perfected for the show.

He opens up about riding the bus, as opposed to the typical form of travel that most celebrities choose, how he perfected his American accent, and why he doesn’t utilize social media.


I have to give props to actor/singer Mack Wilds for expressing his love for dark-skinned women.

In a world where our fair-skinned beauties are celebrated more often and in some cases more accepted, it’s so kool for a brotha to acknowledge the fact that beauty comes in many shades.

Even in 2015, as a dark-skinned woman, I feel like I’m living a real life “wannabe-jiggaboo” moment from Spike Lee’s School Daze! You know the scene where the light-skinned sistahs were dance fighting the dark-skinned sistahs. Only difference is in THIS life, there’s no dancing.


Even worse…a lot of our brothas and sistahs are programmed to believe that fair skin is only accepted as attractive, as opposed to dark skin. I’m amazed at the ignorance and lack of self-love from my people, and the prejudice within the black communities and entertainment industries.

Tristan “Mack” Wilds made a recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show to promote his new show The Breaks and let me tell you…what he said almost made me shed a thug tear.

He definitely made me smile!

Wendy: “The rumor on the street was that you were dating somebody named Sevyn Streeter. Were you in love with her?”

Tristan: “She’s dope. I’ll say that.”

Wendy: “So you guys weren’t romantically involved?”

Tristan: “We’re just really, really good friends.”

Wendy: “She’s really pretty to just be a really good friend.”

Tristan: “Yeah, she is very pretty. “I love dark-skinned girls. So you know, she’s definitely one of them.”

Wendy: “Who’s talking about complexion? You see this is where my people go in a conversation. Really?”

Tristan: “It’s just, I don’t know…my mom is brown-skinned so I just have a thing about all the different colors that women come in.”

Wendy: “You don’t have to explain it, you’re adorable.”


Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought Wendy got a little offended.

See for yourself and watch the full interview below!