Congratulations to Usher Raymond For becoming the latest recipient of  a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame! The entertainer was honored with the star Wednesday afternoon (Sept. 7) in Los Angeles, on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. Usher was accompanied by his wife, Grace, and their children.

The 37-year-old has given us hits since the age of 15 with the release of his self-titled album, ‘Usher’, but it was his sophomore release ‘My Way’ that’s made him the sensation he is today! It’s no surprise that fans lined up at 6am for his 11:30 ceremony, according to Billboard.


Die-hard fans of the eight-time Grammy winner began lining up at 6 a.m. for the 11:30 a.m. ceremony. Amid their shout-outs of “we love you” and “you deserve this,” Usher paid homage to everyone who has supported him on a journey that began at 14 years old when he was signed to LaFace Records by co-founder Antonio “L.A.” Reid. In addition to Reid, chairman/CEO of Epic Records, other music industry executives spotted in the audience included Warner/Chappell chairman/CEO Jon Platt and RCA president of urban music Mark Pitts.

“I don’t just celebrate this moment by myself. I celebrate it with those people who invested in me, those people who loved me through my hard times,” Usher said before singling out his mother and first manager Jonetta Patton. “Mom, thank you for everything and all the people that you’ve actually helped to bring here. They wouldn’t be here if you didn’t recognize and make sure you selected the right people to be around and to help me be the man I am today and in this position.” Additional family members present for the ceremony included the singer’s grandmother, aunt, wife Grace Miguel and his sons Usher Raymond V and Naviyd.

In a speech shifting between serious and lighthearted, Usher delivered his own shout-outs to several icons he wished could be present: Prince, Michael Jackson, James Brown and Luther Vandross. “They were so important in shaping who I am as an entertainer,” said Usher. Of the legendary Wonder, Usher added, “The one thing you’ve preached to me that’s become a mantra is that love is the key. Thank you for giving me that life lesson.”

Usher, whose new RCA album Hard II Love arrives Sept. 16, then saluted his fans. “It’s because of you that this shining star is here. Now it’s your responsibility to come down here every chance you get to shine my star,” he added with a laugh. “That’s the smallest thing that I could ask of you right now especially given the fact that I’m going to be walked on.”

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The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors during game 7 of the NBA Finals Sunday night , making the team 2016 Champions. Because it’s the City of Cleveland’s first ever NBA championship, it’s obvious why players like Lebron James and Kyrie Irving were overcome with emotion. There were many celebrities in attendance that celebrated along with the team. However, one celebrity stood out, because his excitement was just way too extra for us to understand.


The Grammy-Award Winning artist apparently bought a small stake in the team a few years back. In an article in Forbes, it’s reported thatUsher had invested an estimated $9 million in the team, which would have given him roughly a 1% stake. But owner Dan Gilbert, who purchased the Cavs for $375 million around the same time, has been steadily increasing his total, and it’s unclear if Usher’s stake has been diluted along the way. Two years ago a Cavs rep confirmed to FORBES that Usher still owned a piece of the team, but wouldn’t say how much.

The music streaming service owned by Jay Z and other musicians recently announced  donating 1.5 million dollars to Black Lives Matter and other social justice organizations. The donation comes from Tidal’s sold-out charity concert in Brooklyn in October of 2015, which featured performances by many Tidal artists, including owners  Jay Z, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj. Usher and Nas performed “Chains,” which calls out police brutality against African- Americans.


Other organizations that received a donation were Opportunity Agenda, Hands Up United, Sankofa.Org, Community Coalition, Dream Defenders, Black Youth Project, Baltimore Justice Fund, Empowerment Development Corporation, Million Hoodies, NY Justice League, Ohio Students Association/Organizing Collaborative, the Trayvon Martin Foundation, the Michael O.D. Brown We Love Ours Sons and Daughters Foundation, and the Oscar Grant Foundation.

The donation was made on Trayvon Martin’s birthday. Trayvon would have turned 21.

Speaking of “Chains” by Usher Ft. Nas, check out the powerful video!


Source: EW

Usher fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the R&B megastar finally revealed the name of his eighth studio album, titled Flawed. The singer appeared in a random Instagram video with a popular artist by the name of Daniel Arsham. That’s where Usher revealed the title of his project, which was delayed more than once.

“What are we working on?” asks Arsham before Usher responds, “Amazing, incredible, awesome…”

“For what?” replies Arsham, while Usher reveals, “For Flawed, my new album. It’s coming.”


The best way to predict the future is to create it. @howuseeit

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It’s about time! 🙂

No word yet on an official release date, but of course, LN will keep you posted!

In 2014, Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks hit the stage at the Suncadia Resort during his June 23rd Pre-golf tournament and showed off his singing chops. He sang “Nice & Slow” by Usher with two talented employees from the resort, Preston Pohl and Trenton George. They brought the football star on stage after he overheard them singing in the hallway before the show.

Russell looked pretty comfortable on stage, but I think it’s safe to say he should stick to his day job & leave the singing to Ciara…LOL.

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