Social media allows us to share many things…to a fault.

Sometimes, we can abuse our social media, subjecting our followers to pointless stuff from endless selfies that all look alike to videos of humans having sex with animals.

It’s all enough to make us want to drop off the face of the earth. The job of social media is to provide convenience through digital/virtual assessibility, escapism from the real world while socializing with other folks from all over, and its purpose is to make our lives easier. With what we see daily on our timelines, some folks don’t need to have social media.

As a result, I feel compelled to share the 8 ways we can utilize our social media better.

Be resourceful– We love information that we could use for our benefit. From a link to an informative article to a special recipe, being resourceful for your followers/friends is a helpful way to utilize your social media. Your friends may not say it, but they appreciate information like that.

Be encouraging– You’ll never know what a daily motivational quote or your positive status updates can do for a person feeling discouraged. Your motivating post might be the match to light their fire.

Share events– For some odd reason, promotion teams  sucks when it comes to promoting upcoming concerts/shows/plays/etc. and has for the last few years. Someone who could be a fan of an artist will appreciate your generous sharing of website links for tickets. The last three concerts I attended I found out through social media.

Network- What’s social networking when you don’t network? When it comes to socializing on social media, there’s nothing better than connecting with like-minded people. This will also help you gain more attraction for your business or brand.

Promote your brand/business– Promoting your brand/business on social media will really boost its popularity. Because social media gives you broader access to social media users all over the world, you’ll have a greater chance at profiting.


Stay in touch with family & friends– Social media is great, especially for staying connected with family and friends, particularly those who are out-of-town.


Create a forum/Group with a meaningful purpose– A positive public forum that is dedicated to having discussions on topics involving awareness, solutions, bettering communication, and bridging the gap is a great way to socialize.


Stay interactive– From experience with my social media, I can tell you that no one likes a “wallflower”. Someone can tell when you’re not active when they view your conversations on your profile or lack thereof. If your social media profile shows your last status update/picture/tweet was posted months ago or all we see are game updates, then maybe you don’t need a “friend list”.  Otherwise, be interactive. Let your friends/followers know that you’re there to socialize and network and not just taking up space on their list.




Folks were heated when the handler of the Twitter account for the Times Square ball used an insensitive hashtag, trying to amuse his followers. Instead, he insulted many of them by mocking the Black Live Matters movement with the hashtag, #BallLivesMatter.



Tweeters didn’t hesitate to tell the account handler about his self.


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The account handler has since deleted the tweets


Source: Complex


via NY Daily News:

Social media users were up in arms over the tweets – the first sent at 9:47 p.m. and the second at 10:43 p.m. – that bizzarely touched on the “dismal” U.S. economy while also equating the 108-year-old ball drop to a racist institution.

“The ball this year has become Racist due to the dismal state of our economy in 2015,” an unidentified social media manager tweeted just after 10:30 p.m. on New Year’s Eve before abruptly deleting the message.

Earlier in the evening, as the event swelled to more than a million people, @TimesSquareBall tweeted to its 20,000 followers “#BallLivesMatter,” a spin on the Black Lives Matter movement that the handle used multiple times yesterday.

“The tweet was unacceptable and indefensible. As soon as event organizers became aware of it, it was removed immediately,” Times Square New Year’s Eve said in a statement.

“The person responsible was an independent freelancer and will not be engaged again.”


Ayesha Curry, lifestyle blogger, author,  and wife of Golden State Warriors Point Guard Stephen Curry, tweeted her thoughts about not being a fan of provocative attire and chicks who were #TeamScantilyClad turned her Twitter mentions in shambles! There were so many women in Twitterland who were salty about this tweet!



Chile, folks (mostly women) came at her with the most insensitive and disrespectful replies. A lot of women thought she was wrong and rude to tweet such a comment. Some thought she was being judgmental while the rest thought she was just lame.

My thoughts: I’m just amazed at the high levels of shade and disrespect that this woman has received, because of her modesty. In neither tweet, did she express thoughts of slut-shaming or any kind of criticism`. She mentioned no one in particular and simply expressed her desire to “cover up” for the one who matters…her husband. You’d think she’d receive more love because she respects her husband in her own way, but nah…#TeamScantilyClad gotta get all in their feelings and attack the poor woman on social media.

This society is ass backwards!


That woman…a woman of God, hard-working author, chef, blogger, and wife of a sports star who travel, while being a mother to their two kids, is obviously showing a good example to her children and young women who look up to her. That alone should earn that woman respect! One casual tweet about choosing “classy over trendy” and y’all attack her in her Twitter mentions like she twitpic’d your closet! Y’all seriously need to chill!


This just goes to show that the right gets crucified while the wrong gets celebrated. Ayesha Curry has every right to feel the way she does without getting verbally attacked by sensitive chicks whose idea of their “going out” outfits are printed leggings and tops from Baby Gap! Get out of her Twitter mentions and let a sistah live!

People can’t have an opinion nowadays because so many folks think too much of themselves. Even when an opinion has nothing to do with them, there’s something inside of that makes them get defensive. Either you’re mad because it’s true, or your guilty conscience won’t allow you to chill because the opinion of another is somehow relevant to your life. Either way, we all should realize that people’s opinions are just that…opinions.

There’s an old saying…

if it don’t apply…let it fly!




I’ve been using my Facebook page long enough to see that social media can leave a huge impact on people…myself included. I used to always wonder why I read down my timeline and find posts that feel like someone need to invest in a diary, or someone is beefing with a family member, instead of calling that person, or the chick posting 1000 selfies a day, or the guy posting his money after cashing his refund check.

It all makes sense that these people are using social media like Facebook and Instagram to boost their self-esteem.

Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter can give a lot of social media users a false sense of belonging. We’re oblivious to what we’re doing because we’re too focused on trying to impress people we’ve never met with pictures, status updates, and a micro-blog with a 140 character limit. It becomes a problem when it becomes a daily habit, especially when there’s no connection with others in the real world.

Then there are those who envy what others post. I’ll use myself as an example because I do this often. When I see a picture of a beautiful couple (perhaps a wedding photo or one of their many “bae-cation” snapshots), my first thought is “I wish it was me”. It makes me realize where I fall short in my life. Leaving me “in my feelings”, if you will. I’ve ended up comparing myself to others in such a short amount of time. Imagine being on social media all day, admiring the people’s lives from the outside, looking in. If you often measure your success by others, it’ll definitely lower your spirit.

It happens to a lot of us but with different scenarios. We forget that everyone’s life looks perfect, but we’re only seeing a snapshot of their reality. We’re always going to see the “happier” moments of people posted on social media.

Social media has the power to affect our mood, turn us into attention-craving narcissists, and change what we think of ourselves. Social media make it hard for us to interact with others in real life.

How do we get rid of this unhealthy virtual habit?

Log off

And if that may be hard to do, limit the time you spend on social media by engaging in real-life events. Spend more time outdoors (without checking Facebook every two minutes). Make sure to get into an activity so enjoyable, that you’ll be too preoccupied and enlightened to even check your phone. Read that book that you’ve wanted to read, or dive into some volunteer work at your local community center.

How you feel about yourself is important, as well. There’s no need to envy the lives &/or success of other because we are all blessed during different times in our lives. I remind myself daily. Be comfortable in your own skin. The more you love yourself, the less you’ll have to convince that on social media with endless selfies. We know you’re beautiful..cut that out. What matters is that you know you’re beautiful without validation from others.

In conclusion, it’s really important for everyone to understand that social media is not the real world. It’s a whole nother world where everybody can be anything they want to be…even happy. We’ll never know if someone’s virtual world matches their real world unless we live in the same household. So remember, don’t let your harmless habit of browsing social media negatively impact your self-worth.

You may not know the name, but I’ll guarantee you, you’ve seen his artwork floating around the internet for awhile. His name is Marcus Prime and he is one of the most popular unpopular artists that we should know.

A lot of his artwork is “NSFW”, but it definitely deserves a spot above your fireplace.



His artwork is sensual, sexy, inspiring, and motivational.

As a woman, he makes me feel good about my body and skin.

You can tell his love for black women goes unparalleled.


With each stroke of his marker, he honors the female body, black love, black pride, and  the overall beauty of his people.


…he even reminds us to stay aware and that change is needed.


With almost 80, 000 followers on his Instagram, Markus keeps us in awe daily with is beautiful, unusual, unique, colorful, thought-proking, and intense art. He even throws in some videos and Twittology (Twitter posts for slow humans) about life and shit 🙂

Get to know Markus Prime. Follow him on Instagram and Tumblr.

You’re welcome.

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