I’m part of the few percentage that has not been on a legit vacation, and I’m also a plane ride virgin! I keep asking myself how I let this go on for so long, but when you’re tied up with the complexities of life, it’s pretty easy to become preoccupied.

Don’t get me wrong…I’ve had every intention of going somewhere every year, but between the financial decisions I’ve made and the financial setbacks that followed, I end up making promises for the next year. The problem is, I keep breaking those promises to myself.


I yearn to travel

I’d love for my son and daughter to experience different parts of the world

I yearn for peace of mind that I can’t get at my city’s harbor

I yearn to experience serenity, beauty, and flowing air through my locs while sitting on some beach.

Despite my small fear of flying, I yearn to experience traveling through the clouds.


…but where do I start?

I was advised by a friend to start small, taking local trips then work my way up.

I was also encouraged to try complementary vacation packages that will save me tons of money.


I’ve read that vacationing and traveling are two different things. Perhaps, but to go on a vacation, one must travel from one place to another by the transportation of their choice. Do I want to travel for a living? I’d love to, but for now…a trip to Montego Bey once a year is enough 🙂


I would love some tips, pointers, and advice on vacationing without breaking the pockets. How do you travel on a budget?