As women, it takes a lot for us to move on in life after a difficult breakup, especially with kids in the picture. But, Torrei Hart perfectly illustrates moving on with grace and maturity. She proves that it’s highly possible to be the bigger person and make peace.

The ex-wife of Kevin Hart went through tremendous odds to be at the place she’s at now, but all that matters is she’s  where she needs to be. Despite the circumstances that led to her embarrassing public breakup, both Torrei and Kevin proves that maturity is the key to successful blended families.

Kevin and his longtime love, Eniko Parrish, recently wed and Torrei displayed such a beautiful act of kindness when she publicly wished them both well via the ‘gram.


Congratulations @kevinhart4real and @enikobaby Keep God First.

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Torrei is the epitome of a woman of strength, courage, and class. Despite the broken heart she’s once suffered, she gave herself permission to heal and move on by accepting Eniko as part of the family.


Torrei congratulating both Kevin and Eniko shows just how much of a class act she is, and that’s why her actions set a positive example for blended families everywhere!

Speaking of maturity, I love the fact that Kevin and Torrei don’t let the past affect the GOOD relationship they have with each other.



There’s nothing like being friends after a breakup, especially when you have kids together. I’m sure there are a few ladies and even some men out there using Torrei and Kevin as templates to get their families straight.