Retailers are reportedly placing “skinny mirrors” in dressing rooms. These mirrors can slightly alter a person’s realistic figure, giving the illusion of a slimmer appearance. In most cases, the illusion convinces the person to buy the outfit she/he is trying on. Some say  that it’s “clever marketing”. Consumers believe it’s deception. My question is if you know what size you are and what your body looks like, does it matter?

My first thought ‘was retailers can be such scam artists’, but  after more research on this topic, I’ve come to understand that these mirrors are no more than just a confidence booster. These retailers are only helping people who are leaning towards buying the outfit, anyway. You have an interest in purchasing an outfit when you’re trying it on. No one forces a customer to walk into the dressing room and honestly, One’s reflection isn’t so much about the mirror being used, but how they feel about themselves. It’s only deception when one has personal weight issue.

Belinda Jasmine, founder of The Skinny Mirror™,  says it’s an alternative to cosmetic surgery and claims self-esteem boost from mirror can actually lead to healthy weight loss, according to The Daily Mail. 

As an avid surfer and health enthusiast, Belinda’s was fed up with not feeling like she looked good in any of her outfits and believed she had a ‘fat mirror’.
Although she knew it was the mirror that made her look bigger, she still found herself believing that she was bigger then she actually was.
She puts this down to body dysmorphia – a common condition where a person does not see what they actually look like when they look in the mirror.
She explains: ‘I used The Skinny Mirror prototype for weeks before I committed to do start The Skinny Mirror company.
‘Over time, I felt how it affected my self-image. I stood up taller, felt sexier, and wanted to dress cuter. It was important for me to make this available to individuals so that they too might have an improved body-image
‘The mirror has had plenty of attention online since it surfaced on the Kickstarter earlier this year, with some applauding it for giving women a confidence boost every day, but others saying it deceives women.’

As Belinda states in her company philosophy on the website: ‘If we can give you a little extra confidence before you take the world on in the morning, we’ve done our job.’
Critics of The Skinny Mirror – which is hand crafted in the United States – have said that it is a deception of what you truly look like.

I must say that it’s important to love the skin you’re in, no matter what size you are. As long as you’re healthy, you’re just as beautiful as the next person. We shouldn’t have a “fat mirror” or a skinny mirror” that make us feel a certain way about our bodies, BUT, I’m all in for brands and retailers that helps boost the confidence of  women who has a difficult time boosting it on their own.