Since the release of the trailer for a British TV show, highlighting a white actor portraying Michael Jackson, there has been mixed reaction throughout the internet.

Michael’s daughter, Paris, spoke out against production and the actor, Joseph Fiennes’ playing her late father.

When asked about her thoughts, she replied in a series of tweets, expressing her disdain for the cringe-worthy project.

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Paris Jackson, daughter of the Late Michael Jackson, fired off on critical Instagram followers who accused her of not meeting their social media expectations. Apparently, Paris isn’t replying to all 141,000 of her followers and they’re lashing out with negative comments. Paris gave them a piece of her mind, but in the midst of letting them “have it”, she revealed a very personal struggle.


Praying…and as someone who has researched Celebrity Worship Syndrome and the folks who struggle with it, I’d say ¬†utilizing that block button would be her best choice.