If you’re a fan of HBO’s new show, ‘Insecure’, then you have gotten to know the funny, sassy, and overly-sexual character Molly, played by funny and adorable actress, Yvonne Orji.

First, can I just say how happy I am that ‘Insecure’ has been picked up for season 2???

Anyway, if you’re not hip to the show (as you should be), Yvonne’s character is best friends with the lead character, Issa Rae, who plays the fictional version of herself. ‘Insecure’ is based off Issa’s web series, which has garnered a lot of praise from fans and critics alike.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that Yvonne is the total opposite of her character, Molly, who seems to have trouble making the right choices with the men in her life. In real life, Yvonne is a proud virgin and confesses to have never masturbated!

Read part of her interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’

Charlamagne: In my research of you I found out you’re a virgin
Yvonne: True story
Charlamagne: And you a hoe on the show? Okay, not hoe…
Yvonne: She not a hoe!
Charlamagne: Sexually free

Charlamagne: You ever played with yourself?
Yvonne: No actually I don’t.
Angela Yee: You’re a masturbation virgin also?
DJ Envy: You have never masturbated? You lie!
Yvonne: I promise you.

Charlamagne then asks how people know she is a virgin, and Yvonne responds that it’s not something she hides.

“I don’t hide it… the same way people know somebody had a one night stand. It’s like you can say that and I can say no absolutely I haven’t.”

Watch Yvonne’s full interview below. She discusses her virginity between marks 1:30 and 8:30.


It’s no secret that the background of a typical rap star like Beanie Sigel is of “the streets”. So, I think we can all agree that the Philly native’s interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’ exposed a man revealing a socially-constructed attitude that could make “masculinity” a bad thing to be.

The rap legend recently visited ‘The Breakfast Club’ to discuss his “beef” with Meek Mill and The Game, ghostwriting speculations, why he decided to release the diss records, and more. Things went left within the first 5 minutes when Charlamagne said he sounded like “a hater” on a podcast show.

Throughout the entire interview, Bean appeared on-edge, was extremely aggressive a few times, and displayed such a defensive attitude, because of disagreements with Charlamagne.

At one point, the conversation turned into a topic of feminization in Hip-Hop and Bean exposed his apparent homophobia by expressing his disgust to see two men kiss on television. He also makes a clarification between “getting knocked out” and “getting stole” which happened to him by one of Meek Mills people right before a performance.

Now, if you’re a fan of ‘The Breakfast Club’ like I am, you should be used to the fact that Charlamagne has enough balls to ask questions that only a few of us are bold enough to ask. With that being said, we should have expected tough questions for Bean. Bean apparently took offense a few times and retaliated with suggesting he stop asking questions he’s not “qualified” to ask. At one point during the interview, Bean pointed out one of the reasons why Charlamagne wasn’t “qualified”; because Charlamagne is a “radio dude” and he’s not from “his world”.

Although this intense interview was worth watching, there’s one piece of Jewel Charlamagne said that stuck out.

“I think we need to make a distinction between real & street. I think that sends the wrong message to the kids. I think there’s a difference being a criminal & being real.”

There you go….

That’s the inspiration behind this piece.

We didn’t just see Beanie Sigel get frustrated with Charlamagne’s questions. We saw a man who tried to use aggressive behavior to overpower the sense that Charlamagne was making. Bean was too focused on convincing the crew that he was too “hard” to accept constructive criticism from another man. That’s a typical sign of a man suffering from toxic masculinity.

When we talk about toxic masculinity, we’re referring to the worst parts of our society’s definition of what makes a man a REAL man. Some of us fail to realize that being “hard” or from the streets isn’t the standard definition. In fact, that’s more on what we’re accustomed to believe.

In today’s society, if you’re not hood enough, show emotions, have sympathy, or have your own beliefs about certain things, you’re considered the opposite of the typical standards men have about masculinity.

Bean has clearly proven in this interview that he doesn’t need anyone questioning his “realness” because of the world he’s from; he’s dealt with “attempted murders at the height of his career”.

I respect his opinions and I’ll leave it at that. However, What’s a world full of men with the mind that he has?

It’s a world without growth, understanding, and a lot of disrespect for people who dare to speak their minds.


Didn’t see the interview? Press play below, if you can spare 40 minutes.

DMX visited ‘The Breakfast Club’ and his interview was VERY interesting, to say the least. X was overcome with emotion when he opened up about his health scare, baby #15, his new music, Drake and other Hip-Hop artists of today, and so much more!

He even ends his interview with a prayer circle. Press play below!

Things got a little uneasy for the hosts of The Breakfast Club, when an already hostile Birdman came in, forewarning them to “stop playing with his name”.

As they tried to conduct the interview, Charlemagne asked Birdman what was his reason for the attitude and things went waaayyy left. Press play below.



The handsome Larenz Tate was interviewed by the crew from ‘The Breakfast Club’ and he had plenty to say!

The star opened about his career as an actor, his classic roles, “poetic” women who cherished “Darius Lovehall”, his leading ladies on film, a new project with his brothers, his New NBC show, and so much more!! Press play below!



Things got tense between artist, K. Michelle and one of the hosts from ‘The Breakfast Club’, Angela Yee during K’s interview with the popular morning radio show. While promoting her new album, ‘More Issues Than Vogue’, Charlamagne Da God asked K to address rumors of a stinky kitty kat, rumored by rap artists Maino and Uncle Murda who were on a previous show. She expressed her disapproval with Angela with apparently instigating. The entire interview is interesting, but if you want to get to that tense moment, go to mark 2:05.


This is what Angela had to say after the situation