Teyana Taylor is becoming the muse for all new gym members in 2016.
Check out the visual to the remix of Kanye West’s “Champions.”
Teyana is STILL serving BAWDY, but THIS time, we get to hear her vocals.

What sticks out about this visual is the creativity. This video was created with all photographs and the Stop Motion effect. The photos were shot by Sasha Samsonova.

In case you haven’t caught “Fade”….

By now, you’ve probably seen Kanye West’s video for “Fade”, Ft. his G.O.O.D Music signee, Teyana Taylor. If you haven’t caught it, go to ‘Tidal’.  Kanye premiered his video during the 2016 MTV Music Video awards Sunday night.


I’m convinced every other viewer wanted to throw their refrigerator away and hit the gym, after watching Teyana, a new mother, execute dance moves so seductively, they would make the Late Great Prince blush.

Teyana gave us “Pleasure Principal” by Janet Jackson with a little ‘Flashdance’ sprinkled in, mixed with CRAZY sex appeal!

Since the video dropped, I’ve heard and read many comments on social media from admirers insinuating the need to get that body right together like Teyana’s. While I know there’s clearly nothing wrong with admiring Teyana’s amazing body, I’m beginning to wonder if there was any chance these admirers appreciated their own bodies the night before.

If so, what’s changed?


We should be mindful of the options and preferences that we all have, and how each one of us possesses something someone finds attractive. Yet, we feel bad about our bodies when we obsess over someone else’s. Your self-esteem goes from 100 to 20 in a record-breaking 4 minutes!

Girl, stop!

There’s someone out there who doesn’t mind or even LOVE your jiggly booty, your pudgy belly, your thick thighs, and your out-of-control tittays. Let’s not forget your amazing smile, big bright eyes, and a mind embedded with impressive intellect.

Unless you feel it’s necessary to work out and “get like Teyana”, just appreciate the body you have, because it’s yours, and you are, in the words of Jazmine Sullivan, a “Mona Lisa”; a masterpiece.

If you want to work out, that’s fine! There’s never anything wrong with practicing a healthier lifestyle. Just don’t do it out of self-pity, or you’ll become discouraged before you attempt your second week of crunches and flat tummy tea!

Everyone was created uniquely in the eyes of God.

Everyone also has the freedom to appreciate what’s perfect in THEIR eyes. That perfection could be you…right now…exactly the way you are.




When Teyana Taylor gave birth to her first child with fiancé Iman Shrumpert, it was actually a month earlier. Teyana took to Facebook to send a message to her daughter about that special day, complete with an adorable photo.



Mommy carried you & Daddy delivered you on this very day last month, crazy that you were actually due today. However you made Dec. 16th the best day of our lives. Happy one month my love.. ❤️ #JuneBug

Posted by Teyana Taylor on Friday, January 15, 2016

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