Black Girl Magic Just keep getting sprinkled everywhere in Rio!

Congratulations to Kristi Castlin, Brianna Rollins, and Nia Ali, for taking all three medals in the 100-meter hurdles final.  The women have made history as part of team USA, executing the first sweep ever in the Olympic high hurdles by women of one nation.

Via Reuters:

Gold medalist Rollins described it a “sisterhood”, while Castlin added very much a 2016 twist in a phrase more often seen on social media with a hashtag in front of it.

“I think that it’s just very good to be a part of this whole black girl magic movement,” she said.

“We actually came into this not as individuals but as a team. We work together, we pray together and that is how we got this job done.

“It feels good to definitely be history-makers, trend-setters, moms, daughters, really just overcoming and just doing a great job and representing our country well.”

Castlin dedicated her bronze medal to victims of gun crime, a cause very close to her heart after her father was murdered in a botched attempt to rob a hotel where he was the manager.

“Losing my father at the age of 12 to gun violence, I’ve overcome so much,” said the 28-year-old. “I want to connect more with young people that have been victims of gun violence.

“I feel, when I was young, I definitely had a lot of good guidance but sometimes I didn’t have someone of my age that I really could talk too.”

Her fellow medalists have also had to deal with major challenges in their early lives – Ali when her father killed himself in a murder-suicide and Rollins when her father was sent to prison.


We watch these Olympic athletes take on their opportunities of a lifetime every four years, as they compete in their respective sport. They get there by training vigorously and with no distractions. When I say distractions, I really mean the opposite sex.

Now that they’ve made it to the biggest sporting competition in all the world, they can finally breathe a sigh of relief…at least during the opening ceremony. Every four years, elite athletes from each country come together for this historic event. I mean GOOD-LOOKING athletes with bodies of GAWDS and nothing but time between competing. What better way to release sport-involved stress than with sex?

According to Bustle, this year’s Olympics in Rio, 450,000 condoms are being given out. Yep, 450,000. That breaks down to 42 condoms per athlete. However, that 450,000 is only part of the nine million condoms being distributed throughout Rio during the Olympics, courtesy of the Brazilian government. “This is considered sufficient to encourage athletes to practice safe sex while in Brazil for the Olympic Games,” the International Olympic Committee (IOC) told the Folha de São Paulo newspaper.

The Olympic Village is the athletes’ home while the competitions take place. We are talking about a place that resembles that of a college dorm. Can you even imagine the number of hot, single, athletes bumping into each other (no pun intended), in a building that consists of any extracurricular activity you could think of, including a nightclub???

It’s been referred to as “just a magical, fairy-tale place, like Alice in Wonderland, where everything is possible,” Carrie Sheinberg, an alpine skier at the 1994 Winter Games who has since reported for other Olympic Games, told ESPN. “You could win a gold medal and you can sleep with a really hot guy.”

The Olympic Village has cafés, TV lounges, a 24-hour McDonald’s that gives out thousands of chicken nuggets per day in the dining hall (which happens to be the length of two football fields), nightclubs (some of which give out free drinks), etc. And the aforementioned condoms, of course.

Also, according to Bustle, condom distribution has risen every four years!

Seoul, 1988: 8,500 condoms
Barcelona, 1992: 90,000
Atlanta, 1996: 15,000
Sydney, 2000: 70,000 (but halfway through, more were needed, so 20,000 were brought in)
Athens, 2004: 130,000

London, 2012:- 150,000


Let’s be mindful of the age we’re living in; the age where more open-minded free-spirited folks no longer care to wait until marriage to have sex. But we also have to be safe and careful! Big ups to the Olympic Committee for even coming up with the idea for condom distributions.

I guess you can say it’s normal for a young, good-looking athletes to use sex as a way to get rid of the pressures to compete in their respective sport on worldly television. It’s not only about getting rid of the pressures. I can imagine it’s easy to become tempted when you’re surrounded by other athletes who look like models and looking to have a good time within the village walls. Some athletes reportedly have curfews, but that doesn’t stop them from “exploring”. The 450,000 PLUS condom distribution kinda proves that!

When an American wins a gold medal at the Olympics, it’s always a cause for celebration. However, when a black American wins in a sport they’re not dominated in, we cry and celebrate like they’re our kin!

Last night, Simone Biles won a gold medal to add to her enormous collection of Olympic medals when she took top score at the individual all-around gymnastics competition at the Rio Games. This makes Biles the first woman in 20 years to hold the world and Olympic all-around titles simultaneously, and the first AMERICAN woman ever to do it, according to New York Mag.

Another Simone, Simone Manuel, has made history last night as the first African-American woman to take the gold in the women’s 100-meter freestyle [swimming]. According to CNN, the Stanford grad has given Team USA its first gold medal in that particular competition in decades.


Imma tell y’all…the whole ass WORLD better get used to us because we are showing up and showing out everywhere! With the help of Gabby Douglas, Black Girl Magic has been running deep in these Olympic streets for the last few events. Let’s not forget this iconic image that inspires squad goals in all of us!


The success of these women shows little black girls that they can get where they want to be with persistence, hard work, dedication, and ignoring those who say you can’t do it!

Simone Biles

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - AUGUST 15: Simone Biles competes in the women's finals of the 2015 P&G Gymnastics Championships at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on August 15, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

image by Joe Robbins/Getty


Gabby Douglas



We’ve got Ashleigh Johnson slayin’ in water polo!



We’ve got Jenny Arthur showing off in Weightlifting!



Michelle Carter wins the gold in Women’s Shot Put!



Honorable mention definitely goes to our sistahs representin’ other countries. We see you 🙂





The Opening Ceremony of The 2016 Summer Olympics took place in Rio Friday and already there are injuries sustained.

Via Associated Press:

French gymnast Samir Ait Said’s Olympics ended when he severely injured his left leg while vaulting during team preliminaries on Saturday.

Said’s leg bent awkwardly as he tried to land, the sound of the injury echoing through the arena.

Said writhed on the ground in agony while medical officials tended to him. He exited on a stretcher to a standing ovation.



The injury came minutes after Germany’s Andreas Toba hurt his knee during floor exercise. Toba abandoned his routine and was helped off by trainers but managed to compete on pommel horse before exiting to receive medical attention.


The U.S. men are leading halfway through the second subdivision thanks to a strong performance from four-time national champion Sam Mikulak. Great Britain, which took third at last year’s world championships, is second. The top eight teams in qualifying will move on to Monday night’s team final.

Mattel has presented Gymnastics star, Gabby Douglas, with her very own Barbie Doll!

Via Essence:

Douglas’ new #Shero doll comes soon after her placement on the U.S. women’s gymnastics Olympic team.
“It’s crazy. I never would have thought in a million years that I would be in this spot,” says Douglas. “Everyone sees me as a role model and it’s fantastic!”