Everything great in this world was created with passion. Passion is the key ingredient to building a successful business, but it also takes a high level of entrepreneurial spirit.
I would certainly hope my friend who is reading this doesn’t plan to work for others forever. Everyone has a niche; a creative side; a talent; something that they could turn into a lucrative career. The main question is… how high is your entrepreneurial spirit?
Whether you want to write a book, make music, start a pastry business, or start your own fashion line…this piece  will surely help you determine if you have AT LEAST the passion to work on your dreams, thrive, and prosper as a business owner/entrepreneur.
Here are a few questions to ask yourselves about what you want to accomplish…

Does it reflect who you are?

Is it unique?

Does it come from your heart?

Is it pertinent to the lives of others?

Will it provide life-changing opportunities for yourself & others?

Are you willing to keep striving, even through difficulty?

Do you have a plan of action?

If you’ve answered yes to ALL of these questions, then you’re ready!