The Williams sisters ROCK, and Serena, once again, makes history!


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Serena Williams has won her record 23rd Grand Slam singles title, and her sister was right there on the court to give her a congratulatory hug.

The all-Williams final — the first at the Australian Open since Serena won the first edition of the family rivalry here in 2003 — went to the younger sibling 6-4, 6-4 on Saturday night.

With her record seventh Australian title, the 35-year-old Williams moved ahead of Steffi Graf for the most major titles in the Open era. Margaret Court has the all-time record and was also in the crowd for the final at Rod Laver Arena.

Court won 24 majors but collected 13 of those before the Open era which began in 1968 after the sport became professional.

The victory also ensured Serena Williams will regain the top ranking, which she lost in September after 186 straight weeks when Angelique Kerber won the U.S. Open.

It was Serena’s seventh win in nine all-Williams Grand Slam finals and the first since Wimbledon in 2009. It was 36-year-old, No. 13-seeded Venus Williams’ first trip back to a major final in 7 ½ years.

Serena sat on the court, holding both arms up to celebrate before Venus walked over to her sister’s side of the net for a hug.


“This was a tough one,” Serena Williams said. “I really would like to take this moment to congratulate Venus, she’s an amazing person — she’s my inspiration.

“There’s no way I would be at 23 without her — there’s no way I would be at one without her. Thank-you Venus for inspiring me to be the best player I can be and inspiring me to work hard.”

Williams has won 15 majors since last losing to Venus in a Grand Slam final, at Wimbledon in 2008. That was the seventh and last major title that the older of the Williams sisters won.

Venus hadn’t made the second week of a major for a few years as she came to terms with an energy-sapping illness since being diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome in 2011, and made her return to the semifinals at Wimbledon last year.

“She’s made an amazing comeback … I don’t like the word comeback,” Serena Williams said. “She’s never left. She’s been such a great champion.”


Congrats to both ladies!



Tennis Goddess, Serena Williams, recently announced her engagement to Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian on Reddit (how cute and clever).

Serena and Alexis kept their relationship low-key, although she does post pictures of them on her Instagram account from time to time. According to CNN, they’ve been dating since Fall of 2015. As a person who supports dating privately when in the public eye, I can vouch that this couple keeping their relationship out of the spotlight probably contributes to why Serena has “a ring on it”.

One of the reasons why is proof in the comment sections of blogs and social media.

The comments that a lot of you guys, particularly black men, post about Serena and Alexis’s engagement has me convinced that you were hurt really pad in a past relationship, you were raised close-minded, or that you know this couple personally.  Either way…I wish that you guys would just post a CONGRATS and shut the hell up!

We don’t know these people personally, so I’d like to know how any of us can judge or criticize this woman for dating outside her race. If you’ve paid any attention, you’d already know that Serena gave black men a chance and for whatever reason, none of them worked out. The man who is for her just happens to be Caucasian and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

This man obviously saw her worthy enough to ask for her hand in marriage…something her past dudes couldn’t do, so what does that have anything to do with you and how you feel???


The woman found love, and I can’t understand why some of y’all, as FANS, can’t help her celebrate that!

You all see a black woman with a white man and common sense is replaced with ignorance. Why are there discussions about her relationship that alludes to personal betrayal over someone you’ve never met??


Do I need to remind you all how “mad” black men got when entertainer, Ciara, got engaged to football player, Russell Wilson, after her nasty break up with rapper Future?

Her choice in a man was obviously the best for her, because she and Russell are now married with a baby on the way.

But naw…y’all gotta have “discussions” about her…and Russell is BLACK!

It leads me to believe one general problem that I can no longer deny and that’s black men’s uncontrollable ability to disrespect black women. I’ve observed the dynamic between black men and black women for some time and the disrespect and lack of uplifting from out brothas is evident in how we communicate with one another.

When the brothas feel threatened or inadequate in some way, shape or form, they express their frustration in other ways which, sometimes, forces the black women in their lives to become emotional punching bags. In my opinion, this problem fester in toxic romantic relationships. Hence, some of y’all’s need to dog Serena for saying “yes” to a dude who doesn’t look like you.

My assessment may be far-fetched or way off….it also may be on point.

Either way,  I urge everyone who’s had nothing positive to say about this woman’s engagement to just keep your thoughts to yourselves and work on your own relationship issues.

Better yet…work on being more open-minded for 2017. You should already know that we gonna love who we wanna love.

Congrats to Serena and Alexis



Tennis goddess Serena Williams gives all kinds of sexy queendomness on the latest cover of Sports Illustrated and rightfully so! Ms. Williams is named Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year for 2015.

Indeed, in 2015 Williams hit this rare sweet spot, a pinch-me patch where the exotic became the norm. She danced with Donald Trump on New Year’s Eve. She spent a night telling bedtime stories to the children of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Growing up, Williams had devoured every Harry Potter book, marveled at the business empires of Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart. Now J.K. Rowling was tweeting against a critic of Williams’s body, now Oprah was hustling to watch her at the U.S. Open, now Stewart was calling Williams “the most powerful woman I know.” President Barack Obama, the most scrutinized man alive, told her how great it was to watch her.

Even Williams’s most dubious moves paid off. In July, just as her drive for tennis’s first Grand Slam in 27 years hit the bell lap, she appeared in Pixels, a comedic bomb in which she anticipated a Lincoln Bedroom sex sandwich with Stewart and Peter Dinklage. Yet she escaped critical savaging, and, oh, the movie grossed $243 million. Williams’s November decision to chase down a cellphone thief in San Francisco seemed equally foolhardy—until, that is, the guy gave her phone back. Meekly.

Read more of her inspiring story here


Thoughts: They couldn’t have chosen a better person this year to be “Sportsperson”. Serena’s tenacity, dominance, and strength on the court is beyond impressive!

With 21 Grand Slam titles under her belt, Serena Williams has definitely made her mark in the world as one of the greatest tennis players in history (alongside her sister, Venus).

The Compton, California native came a long way from the little girl with a big dream! Daily practices on the court with her dad and big sister is what made her where she is today.

I remember watching a report on television a long time ago, which was profiling her story. I saw a young black girl with bouncing beaded braids ready to take the tennis world by storm! I knew she and her is would grow to become special people in the world of sports.


What inspires me about Serena is that even with all the criticism she’s had to face throughout her career from dating to body image, she never let any of it deter her from becoming better with each match. Her tenacity on the court….her intense grunts as she hits the ball….and her drive to take home the trophy is what will make Serena Williams stand out and forever awesome!

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