As single mothers, we all go through tough financial times. That’s why it’s important to find ways to make things easier for us when it comes to money.

We shouldn’t have to make sudden life decisions at the gas pump…

We shouldn’t have to limit ourselves from having fun (Moms need to get away too)…

We shouldn’t have to worry about falling short on a bill to pay for another.

But we all have dome it all at some point. I got tired of living that way so I’ve researched, as well as come up with some ideas on how to keep my wallet  full and my bank account from going into the negative.


Here are 8 ways to ball on a Mommy budget!

Thrift Store Shopping– Don’t knock it! You will find the cutest top, skirt, sweater, or whatever you’ll need for only a couple of bucks. You will totally clean up at the thrift store. Nothing beats getting six adorable outfits for no more than Twenty bucks! It’s perfect for vintage shoppers such as myself!

Couponing– I have yet to try this, but I have friends who do it and say it’s the best thing since the invention of bread. You have to follow a system that’s difficult to keep up in the beginning but the more you do it, the better it gets. The more you buy, the more money you’ll save.

Shop for school clothes when school ends!– As a last-minute shopper, I regret not knowing about this sooner. School clothes are often cheaper off school season. It makes sense because we’re not shopping for any when school ends and Summer approaches. Tidbit: Shop for Winter clothes in the Summer & Summer Clothes in the Fall.

Eat in more– Sometimes, we give in to the constant nagging of our kids wanting McDonalds, and we do it to shut them up. However, not only is it more unhealthy…we’re also spending money unnecessarily. We can buy ground beef (or turkey which I’d suggest) and make our own burgers that will last a couple of days. Want french fries? Buy a bag of potatoes, cut them up, and bake them. They’re just as good if you season them right and a lot healthier.

Drop unnecessary bills– Why have cable when you’re not home most of the day anyway? When you are, you’re tending to your children and preparing for the next day. Drop that 80 bucks a month cable bill and get Netflix for 8 bucks a month. You’ll be just as entertained and for a cheaper price. Besides, there’s no cable app you can conveniently download to your mobile device like Netflix….so yeah.

Make vacations a group thing– Planning a vacation? Invite more to come along to make the bill cheaper for you. When traveling and getting away in groups, it makes the bill lighter for everyone, making the vacation less stressful and more fun.

Do a money challenge– Using a guide such as the one below to challenge you into saving money can be very helpful. By the end of the challenge, you’ll stay accustomed to just saving without needing the guide to remind you.

52-week-money-challenge_21798Don’t spend money recklessly– We have to decipher our wants and our needs. We have to know our limits. We have to decide what’s more important. Do we want that new hairstyle or can we afford to be late with that next bill? Be smart about your money. Get what you need now so you can afford what you want later. You can’t admire your new hairstyle, looking in the mirror when your lights are out.