Music lovers and fans love a good debate about their favorite entertainers. However, it’s clearly obvious that there’s no need for a debate about who’s the bigger or better artist between Rihanna and Beyoncé. Both are equally talented, both are beautiful, and both are killin’ the game in their own unique way.

We [black folks] should be just happy with the fact that these two African-American women are doing the damn thing in such a competitive and tough business…the music industry. Back in the day, women who were just as talented as these two women had a hard time just trying to gain respect, much less equality. Comparing the talent of these two women is like comparing Pepsi and Coke. Both serve the same purpose but with a slightly different flavor to cater to the desires of their fans. Overall, both are #winning, because they do what they do so damn well. Let’s just stop the comparisons and enjoy both of them for being great gotdamn entertainers!


This takes me back to the Michael Jackson Vs. Prince era. Media did a great job egging this debate and we fell for that everytime we read a magazine, watched an interview, or listened to the radio DJs. We knew there were obvious differences between the moonwalker and the purple one, but for the sake of a great debate, we kept the comparisons going; who was a better dancer, who sang better ballads, and who had the most fans. We all knew deep down inside that comparing these two men weren’t necessary, because they both did what they did best in their own unique way….just like Rihanna and Beyoncé. We love both Michael and Prince….just like we love both Rihanna and Beyoncé.


Rihanna is sassy, sexy, raunchy when she need to be, and gives new meaning to rock girl swag!

Beyoncé is classy, sensual, daring, bold, and can belt a tune like nobody’s business!


Slightly different flavor between the two, but serves the same purpose….create great music and can put on a kickass tour!


The #Beyhive and #RihannaNavy should come together, hold hands, and sing a medley of #Rihonce tunes.

Let’s stop comparing these two women, and accept them both for who they are… Two female entertainers who are dominating the music scene. Both of these women are evolving into legends. Salute to both of them!





A racist troll pretending to be a fan of Rihanna decided to share her point of view about Rihanna as a white woman when she tweeted a photoshopped image of the pop star with whiter skin. She added a caption that reads “You can call me a cracker and all that but this is undeniable proof that the whiter the more beautiful.”


#RihannaNavy turned the twitter user, @flopstar’s mentions into complete shambles for her obvious ignorance…among other things.

Reading down the user’s timeline, you’ll get a sense that she’s out of touch with reality and is clearly ignorant. Tweeting the image of Rihanna as a white woman was probably a desperate ploy to get attention. Well….she got it!

The user’s Twitter bio reads:

I really love Rihanna and I have her album.
Her cover photo even includes Rihanna…



Rihanna responded the classy way and simply blocked the troll. My other side wishes Rihanna should have clapped back. BUT, I already know…what difference would it have made, besides give the troll MORE attention?

Meanwhile…Rihanna’s golden-brown melanin stays on fleek


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