If you’re a fan of HBO’s new show, ‘Insecure’, then you have gotten to know the funny, sassy, and overly-sexual character Molly, played by funny and adorable actress, Yvonne Orji.

First, can I just say how happy I am that ‘Insecure’ has been picked up for season 2???

Anyway, if you’re not hip to the show (as you should be), Yvonne’s character is best friends with the lead character, Issa Rae, who plays the fictional version of herself. ‘Insecure’ is based off Issa’s web series, which has garnered a lot of praise from fans and critics alike.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that Yvonne is the total opposite of her character, Molly, who seems to have trouble making the right choices with the men in her life. In real life, Yvonne is a proud virgin and confesses to have never masturbated!

Read part of her interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’

Charlamagne: In my research of you I found out you’re a virgin
Yvonne: True story
Charlamagne: And you a hoe on the show? Okay, not hoe…
Yvonne: She not a hoe!
Charlamagne: Sexually free

Charlamagne: You ever played with yourself?
Yvonne: No actually I don’t.
Angela Yee: You’re a masturbation virgin also?
DJ Envy: You have never masturbated? You lie!
Yvonne: I promise you.

Charlamagne then asks how people know she is a virgin, and Yvonne responds that it’s not something she hides.

“I don’t hide it… the same way people know somebody had a one night stand. It’s like you can say that and I can say no absolutely I haven’t.”

Watch Yvonne’s full interview below. She discusses her virginity between marks 1:30 and 8:30.


Author, radio host, social activist, and Georgetown University professor, Michael Eric Dyson, visited ‘The Breakfast Club‘ and as always, broke it down about today’s societal issues. From Bill Cosby to Stacey Dash, Dyson spoke his mind, as well as discuss his new book, ‘The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America’.

Press play to check what he had to say about it all!

Radio Facts reports that J. Anthony Brown, long time co-host of the Tom Joyner Morning Show has quit! This news comes after reports of Brown being upset about the pay. There’s audio of J’s alleged “exit”, as it seems that Tom Joyner and Sybil Wilkes thought J was kidding.


After the end of the first break, at 6:10am CT, the hour the following exchanged occurred –

ON AIR – 6:10 am

(Tom Joyner taking the show to break)

Tom Joyner: Ten, ten past the hour


Tom Joyner: Player, you feel alright?

J. Anthony Brown: Huh?

Tom Joyner: You feel alright today?

J. Anthony Brown: No, I don’t feel good. Uh, in fact I’m quitting. I’m quitting today. (laughter from Tom and Sybil) You guys can have it, man. I’ve had enough of this, seriously. Bye

(more laughter from Tom and Sybil)

Sybil Wilkes: (chucking) Bye? What’s the matter?

Tom Joyner: I don’t know. Did he just cut the mic? Player?…Player?

Off air Tom asked if J. Anthony Brown was alright. J. responded the he was not and that he was “quitting.” Both Tom and Sybil responded with laughter followed by J. Anthony Brown saying he was serious and no further response.

After several tries to reconnect with Brown, Tom Joyner attempted to reach out to him in both a personal and professional way ending with all surprised that he had actually left the studio.

J. Anthony Brown is currently under contract with Reach Media Inc. and the Tom Joyner Morning Show. There is a plan to discuss today’s events with Brown.


If this is all true, I’m sure gonna miss J’s murdered hits! Those were the best!

Listen to actual audio of the alleged sudden exit here