I’m torn between being optimistic and being pessimistic of nice white folks who are conscious enough to sympathize with what us black folks go through. Racial division and racial inequality have been running rampant in this country for as long as I can remember.

The one thing I observe every time a national racial crisis occurs is the need for the non-racist white community to come forward with questions on how to become productive allies against racism. As much as I appreciate the proactive attitude to combat racism, I can’t help but remain doubtful.

Let’s be honest.

Your racist friends were taught to hate at an early age, so hate is embedded in their hearts. Now, that they’re grown and know when, how, and why they’re on their racist bullshit, it’s hard to believe another adult can convince them to change. Racists are settled in their evil ways, and if you, the conscious white person, allowed their hate to surround you all this time, what makes you think they’ll change now?

The black community has tried to speak out against racism for years, but they didn’t want to hear it. Black people’s stance against racism was labeled as complaining and our cries went unheard. NOW, We’re stricken with grief over a president who created policies that don’t align with the value of black lives, deepens oppression for people of color, and sets limitations for the LGBT community.

Trump has given your racist friends that extra confidence to be much bolder with their racist bullshit. I’ll bet some of you are responsible for putting Trump in office. How do you feel now? I don’t want to say, “I told you so”, but…

Your white racist friends have gone above and beyond to cause harm to even people like you. 32-year-old Heather Heyer losing her life is the perfect example. Heather was a conscious white person who stood against racism and protested when she was murdered by a White Supremacist son of a bitch! Will what we tell y’all to say to your racist friends really make a difference? Remember…we still have SYSTEMIC racism that we’re fighting against, too.

We are living in a country where a black woman, Takiyah Thompson, gets arrested for toppling a confederacy-represented statue, but no arrests have yet to be made on the White Supremacists’ brutal beating of a 20-year-old black man.

We shouldn’t have to educate y’all on how to check your racist friends, but If you must know, there’s ONE thing that I believe will set the foundation for them to understand and that’s deciphering between “white lives matter” & “black lives matter”. White supremacists out there, chanting White Lives Matter as if they have to remind people. We HAVE to remind society that black lives matter because we live in a country where our lives aren’t valued.

All eyes are on Charlottesville, VA as we watch coverage of the horror that took place at UVA. On August 12, white supremacists were in Charlottesville to protest the city’s plan to remove the statue of The Confederacy’s top general, Robert E. Lee. They clashed with counter-protesters, Black Lives Matter/Anti-racists protesters, ending with multiple injuries and 1 fatality.

The world waited with anticipation, for Trump, who seems to have an extreme case of Twitter fingers. Hours went by when we realized his lack of urgency to address what happened with the press or even tweet about it, fueled our beliefs about what we’ve expected of him all along.

The longer Trump went silent, the more he proved to align himself with those white supremacists. Let’s be real, people!! These people are his base of supporters and the reason why he is #45.

He finally tweets this….


As we expected, his tweet lacked passion, substance, and felt very generic.


He had one more chance to prove that he isn’t the most incompetent president ever with a press conference.


Let’s just highlight part of his statement, “condemning violence on many sides.”

You know what that screams?

He dismisses the violence of the white supremacists by not acknowledging their roles as the initiators, and not holding them accountable for their actions.  I mean…WHY WOULD HE?

He hangs out with these people when they’re no cameras around


Are we really surprised with all that’s transpired?

Are we really surprised that Trump has yet to be direct and call it for what it is? DOMESTIC TERRORISM

Those were White Supremacists who marched not for freedom of speech and solidarity, but for hatred and intentions to harm and he’s being silent about their actions! I find it hard to believe that they marched for any kind of peace with weapons and mace in tow. One of them actually drove a vehicle into a crowd, killing an anti-racism protester.

What kind of message does a silent president send? It sends the message that he’s complicit with what’s taken place. His actions, views, and policies as President solidify the notion.

Trump’s Speech on White Supremacy March in VA Proves One Thing and that is he doesn’t give a DAMN about black lives and Americans with a conscious for racial equality. 

45 uses pretty words for the camera, giving some folks the illusion that he supports equality for all, but behind closed doors, he praises those white supremacists for what they’ve done. His power as a president will only give people like him the confidence to spread their hate and as long as he serves, it will only get worse.

We are reliving those times, ladies and gentlemen. The times when we’ve wondered how our parents and grandparents lived through those times.

It’s recycled racism…racism that has never really gone away.

We have a president who has yet to voice the truth behind the violence that’s taken place in Charlottesville. He says condemning violence on both sides, but those injuries sustained and the person who was murdered with a vehicle were NOT white supremacists.

At this VERY moment, Trump is being praised on racist websites for not calling out the white supremacists for their actions. This is a president who once called Black Lives Matter “hostile and violent” but……



Rest in Peace, 32-year-old Heather Heyer, a VA paralegal who lost her life, protesting for peace.


A racist troll pretending to be a fan of Rihanna decided to share her point of view about Rihanna as a white woman when she tweeted a photoshopped image of the pop star with whiter skin. She added a caption that reads “You can call me a cracker and all that but this is undeniable proof that the whiter the more beautiful.”


#RihannaNavy turned the twitter user, @flopstar’s mentions into complete shambles for her obvious ignorance…among other things.

Reading down the user’s timeline, you’ll get a sense that she’s out of touch with reality and is clearly ignorant. Tweeting the image of Rihanna as a white woman was probably a desperate ploy to get attention. Well….she got it!

The user’s Twitter bio reads:

I really love Rihanna and I have her album.
Her cover photo even includes Rihanna…



Rihanna responded the classy way and simply blocked the troll. My other side wishes Rihanna should have clapped back. BUT, I already know…what difference would it have made, besides give the troll MORE attention?

Meanwhile…Rihanna’s golden-brown melanin stays on fleek


in 2016, yet, I’m not surprised at the ignorance that still lives in some people.

The Mac Cosmetics line recently posted a picture of a Black model wearing Mac’s “Matte Royal” lip color at the New York Fashion Week  and trolls turned the popular makeup brand’s comment thread into racial shambles! A few even commented that they would unfollow the brand.


Royal romance at @ohnetitelny #AW16. #MACBackstage #NYFW

A photo posted by M∙A∙C Cosmetics (@maccosmetics) on



The photo has over 30,000 comments and counting. Of course, there are some of us who try to instill good sense in some people.




Mac Responds:




The model who owns those beautiful set of lips responded as well:

Model Call, Aamito Lagum
Keep slayin’ racists in their dreams, babygirl.
You slay…all day!

I have several issues with this video. Before I start, press play.


I’m going to assume that the people responsible for filming this and posting it to social media either did it for laughs or did it to go viral. Either way, I’m offended and I think those who  put effort into this video are those new generational parents who don’t know shit about teaching children acceptance, respect, and humility.

Let me just begin with a question about why a person would even give their child something, KNOWING they won’t like it? OF COURSE, they’ll get a negative reaction. Secondly….why film it and post it to social media? Like I’ve already mentioned…they did it for laughs or to go viral. Either way, the video shows that the reaction from those girls stems from the beliefs that they were taught.

It’s one thing for those girls to not want a black doll because they’re not black. I get that.

It’s a whole other issue to not want a black doll because they find black dolls to be “not pretty”.

This apparently goes deeper than not liking the dolls they were given. Obviously, the little girl’s look of disappointment and the tears of her sister proves that black dolls are just not their thing….but why? The adults in this video wanted to make a joke out of it. Instead of correcting their negative behavior, they encouraged it with laughing. All of this proves that racism will never end, as long as parents like those conditions their kids into believing that they’re “better than others”.

I remember as a kid, all I had were white dolls, but I played with them because my heart was content. I didn’t cry and throw tantrums because I didn’t look at the color of the dolls. I just wanted to play with them. When my mom bought me my first black baby doll, I was so amazed. During those times, there weren’t many black dolls on the market. It made my little heart even more content because I got to play with a doll that looked like me.

I also continued to play with my white dolls. I had a rainbow coalition of dolls that I enjoyed playing with.

With all of that said, it’s a sad situation when people humiliate their own children for humor, not realizing the consequences and how it will make them look…or even how it’ll make the parents look. Even though the parent asked what’s wrong, her laughter indicates that she already knew.

This just proves that parents need to be adult enough to talk with their children about not only acceptance, respect, and humility. We also need to teach our children to love themselves and accept the skin that they’re in. If the parents never been taught such lessons themselves, then their kids won’t know.

This video illuminates the never-ending cycle of racism and how it is birthed into family structure. Trust and believe, I would say the same thing if the girls were black and the dolls were white! The cycle could break if we teach our kids to be more open-minded and accepting of each other as they come out of the womb!

Who knows if  “Uncle Seth and Aunt Cynthia” bought the dolls with no intentions to disappoint their nieces, or  decided to have a little fun at their nieces’ expense? Who knows if “Uncle Seth and Aunt Cynthia” bought the dolls AT ALL? However, it’s painfully obvious that someone thinks being black is a joke….and that shit’s not kool!



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