This lucky audience from the 1980s got to experience uber amounts of greatness when they witnessed not one…not two…but THREE legendary acts on stage. James Brown performed with his band when he called a young 25-year-old Michael Jackson on stage for an impromptu performance. Of course, Michael’s shyness made him hesitate a little, but he obliged and gave the audience 2 minutes of epicness. After MJ, Prince was called to the stage and as usual, his royal ass had to show awfff. While watching, I thought Prince was trying to steal the show!…LoL.

Coco (Corianna Dotson) and Breezy (Brianna Dotson)’s journey to success is such an inspirational story and they are epitomes of go-getters!


At the age of 19, the Minnesota natives traveled to New York with nothing but a little pocket-money and a dream and they haven’t looked back since! Today, the 26-year-olds are a force in the fashion industry with a killer line of cutting-edge eyewear. Their clients include stars like Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga & the late Great Prince, whose famous “3rd Eye” shades [Tres], are one of their most popular creations!

prince (1)


It all started when the sisters were teased growing up, because of their eclectic sense of fashion. They used that as motivation to become who they are today. Now, they are living their dreams & that, folks, is what you call A boss move!


Their work ethic and fashion ambition started as teens – juggling school commitments, working three jobs whilst still managing to find the time to create artistic projects for themselves, including their highly sought after sunglasses.


The twins’ bold style and original taste in fashion was initially misunderstood in the community, leading them to develop unique signature studded eyewear as both shields from onlookers and statement pieces, and the pair have been projecting cool and confidence ever since.

With full support of their family Coco & Breezy continued to work on their designs with the dream of making it on their own as an innovative boutique fashion brand.

Check out their site here

Prince was one of the most prolific songwriters and musicians of our time, so it’s no surprise that major magazine publications wanted the royal one on their covers. I think we can all agree that Prince could take a mean picture that served nothing but pure sexiness and sass! With his green-hazel eyes, chiseled facial features, and a thin but muscular frame, Prince could’ve been a model!  He covered thousands of magazines during his 30 plus years in music. Check out just some of the ones we could find! I think you’ll recognize a few of them!

As we all continue to grieve over Prince’s death, we watch YouTube clips that conveniently pops up out of nowhere. I came across one that made me laugh and it revealed just how good of a sport Prince was.

We know it could get pretty annoying when we’re forcibly awakened, especially when we’re sleeping really good. Demaris Lewis thought it would be a good idea to wake her boyfriend up while live at a radio station. We all know Prince likes his privacy, so I’m sure that felt pretty invasive. However, Prince played along and he was a champ for that. Let me share that his sleepy voice is VERY appealing!

Watch the hilarious interview below!


The year was 1991 and the Late Great Prince performed his sexy song, “Gett Off”, and the a sexually-charged performance was the topic of conversation at the water cooler the next day. Not because of the performance itself, but my dude made headlines because he rocked a custom-made yellow and shimmery outfit with the butt part cut out!

Only Prince could get away with an outfit showing his ass cheeks!

AND STILL, he gave a kick-ass performance (no pun)

When we mourn the death of a celebrity, it hits us like a ton of bricks. The celebrity may be someone we grew up to, listening to their music, or watching their movies/shows. That formulates a personable connection to the celebrity, who when suddenly dies, leaves us in mourning as if that celebrity was a part of our extended family.

We may surprise ourselves at how much a celeb’s death has affected us. Sometimes, we don’t know how much our favorite star has impacted our lives until they’re gone. In a sense, we’ve grown up with them. For many years, we’ve listened to their music, watched their films, and read their books. We’ll become a faithful fan of a celebrity because in some way, shape, or form, their art resonates with us.

The unexpected news that leaves us having difficulty processing it, the longtime thought of immortality and the never-ending appreciation for what they do are all factors to why we mourn. It’s also a reminder of our mortality and forces us to use the legacy they’ve left behind as a template for how we should walk in our purpose.

According to Huffington Post, David Kaplan, chief professional officer of the American Counseling Association says, “The passing of someone so admired, whose life was in the public sphere, creates a universal human connection.”

In the age of digital media, I can see how bonds are formed from celebrity death. When you see that you’re not alone in the grieving process, the bond you share with other mourners validates your need to express how you feel without fear of criticism.

It’s totally okay to mourn a celebrity’s death. Everytime an admirable public figure goes home to glory, I hear and read comments like, “You act like (s)he knew you.” , “Why are you so upset?”, and other questions worthy of a faceslap!

1….The person doesn’t have to know us

2…We become upset because we can. There’s no wrong way to grieve. Mourning the death of a celebrity you’ve admired for a long time is no different than mourning an extended family member or the family pet.





Since Prince Rogers Nelson’s unfortunate passing, fans speculate that tributes to the Late Great one are already in effect. Some even “ordered” BET and VH1 to not EFF IT UP, and LIFETIME better not even TRY IT, because their biopics sucks!

Anyway, we mentally prepared a tribute, naming stars who would do Prince justice like Janelle Monet, Maxwell, and Miguel.

However, it was The cast of The Color Purple that we’ve all TOTALLY underestimated.

After the play ended, the cast took time to pay tribute to Prince, including Jennifer Hudson and Cynthia Erivo. Those women snatched our souls so effortlessly with their rendition of “Purple Rain”.

Press play below!




If only the world could have experienced a Prince/Michael Jackson collaboration.

As we all fight to accept Prince’s death, old interviews of the icon resurfaces, reminding us of not only Prince’s wisdom, but my dude had an awesome sense of humor.

When Chris Rock had his talk show, he invited many A-List celebrities, including Prince. He revealed during his interview that Michael wanted to collaborate with Prince for the epic “Bad” single. Prince was like, ‘thanks but no thanks’…lol.

Watch the clip below for his hilarious response



TMZ broke the news that our beloved Prince has died at the age of 57. The icon was reportedly found in an elevator at his Paisley Park home in suburban Minneapolis, early Thursday morning. According to reports, Prince has battled the flu, although he was well enough to perform what would be his last performance in Atlanta on 4/15/2016.



When the news broke, the world stopped spinning.

How can we even fathom the thought of Prince gone from this earth?

Immortal comes to mind when we think of artists of Prince’s caliber. That’s why it’s so hard to believe that this musical genius has transitioned.

When I initially heard the news, I was in denial for a good hour. We all know how the internet like to kill off folks. I was convinced that someone had too much time on their hands, but unfortunately, what I thought was a horrible rumor….was true.

This gifted man’s musical prowess amazed us in ways that it didn’t even matter if he could strut and dance in heels better than most women, or rock a hairdo that would put us to shame! His effeminate fashion taste aside, Prince gave us hit after hit after hit. He broke barriers as one of the few artists to successfully cross-over as a multi-genre artist. From sensual ballads to rock, Prince made sure we had soundtracks for any given moment of our lives. Either we were partyin’ like it was 1999 or between the sheets with “bew” while “Do Me, Baby” was playing from our stereo.

** FILE ** Prince, with the word "Slave" written across his face is shown performing in New York's Rockefeller Plaza in this July 9, 1996 file photo. Recently a number of superstar acts are rejecting traditional multiyear album contracts with major record labels in favor of deals that offer bigger dollars and more creative freedom. (AP Photo/Richard Drew/FILE)

He was also a smart business man who knew his musical rights; fought for contract freedom, the rights to produce and play his own music, and made damn sure 3rd party music streaming sites wasn’t making a dime off his catalog!

Writing “Rest In Peace Prince” doesn’t even feel right! It’s bad enough we’ve lost Michael, Luther, and Whitney! Do you understand how unfair it is to be left on this earth without any of them…and now Prince???? When a music legend that we grew up listening to dies, a little bit of our childhood dies, too.

Granted, their music will forever live on…but I’m selfish. I want my music heroes in physical form!


As I type this, “The Beautiful Ones” play, reminding me of how much wisdom this man had. If he wasn’t schoolin’ us on the music business and life during interviews and/or speeches, he instilled messages in his music. It wasn’t until I became old enough to date when I understood the meaning behind “The Beautiful Ones”.

Paint a perfect picture
Bring to life a vision in one’s mind
The beautiful ones
Always smash the picture
Always every time

Prince’s contribution to music as a black artist made me realize that leaving a brilliant legacy should be the purpose for everyone who strives to be better than they were yesterday. Leave a  mark so impressive, that your spirit will return and say “I did that!” Let’s do what we were put here to do! Find your purpose and let your greatness shine bright like a diamond!

I admired Prince’s tenacity to stay relevant in an industry that is always changing. I loved his charisma,his  style, his sexually charged energy, his ability to tear a guitar to shreds, and his platinum vocal chords that snatched souls with every album release.

Prince was definitely one of a kind.

He was a revolutionary….a genius….and a mastermind

He will truly be missed.

PS: As a Baltimorean, I appreciate Prince taking a stand for my city when it was in turmoil over Freddie Gray’s death. Prince stepped up when a lot of other artists couldn’t.

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