I’m torn between being optimistic and being pessimistic of nice white folks who are conscious enough to sympathize with what us black folks go through. Racial division and racial inequality have been running rampant in this country for as long as I can remember.

The one thing I observe every time a national racial crisis occurs is the need for the non-racist white community to come forward with questions on how to become productive allies against racism. As much as I appreciate the proactive attitude to combat racism, I can’t help but remain doubtful.

Let’s be honest.

Your racist friends were taught to hate at an early age, so hate is embedded in their hearts. Now, that they’re grown and know when, how, and why they’re on their racist bullshit, it’s hard to believe another adult can convince them to change. Racists are settled in their evil ways, and if you, the conscious white person, allowed their hate to surround you all this time, what makes you think they’ll change now?

The black community has tried to speak out against racism for years, but they didn’t want to hear it. Black people’s stance against racism was labeled as complaining and our cries went unheard. NOW, We’re stricken with grief over a president who created policies that don’t align with the value of black lives, deepens oppression for people of color, and sets limitations for the LGBT community.

Trump has given your racist friends that extra confidence to be much bolder with their racist bullshit. I’ll bet some of you are responsible for putting Trump in office. How do you feel now? I don’t want to say, “I told you so”, but…

Your white racist friends have gone above and beyond to cause harm to even people like you. 32-year-old Heather Heyer losing her life is the perfect example. Heather was a conscious white person who stood against racism and protested when she was murdered by a White Supremacist son of a bitch! Will what we tell y’all to say to your racist friends really make a difference? Remember…we still have SYSTEMIC racism that we’re fighting against, too.

We are living in a country where a black woman, Takiyah Thompson, gets arrested for toppling a confederacy-represented statue, but no arrests have yet to be made on the White Supremacists’ brutal beating of a 20-year-old black man.

We shouldn’t have to educate y’all on how to check your racist friends, but If you must know, there’s ONE thing that I believe will set the foundation for them to understand and that’s deciphering between “white lives matter” & “black lives matter”. White supremacists out there, chanting White Lives Matter as if they have to remind people. We HAVE to remind society that black lives matter because we live in a country where our lives aren’t valued.

All eyes are on Charlottesville, VA as we watch coverage of the horror that took place at UVA. On August 12, white supremacists were in Charlottesville to protest the city’s plan to remove the statue of The Confederacy’s top general, Robert E. Lee. They clashed with counter-protesters, Black Lives Matter/Anti-racists protesters, ending with multiple injuries and 1 fatality.

The world waited with anticipation, for Trump, who seems to have an extreme case of Twitter fingers. Hours went by when we realized his lack of urgency to address what happened with the press or even tweet about it, fueled our beliefs about what we’ve expected of him all along.

The longer Trump went silent, the more he proved to align himself with those white supremacists. Let’s be real, people!! These people are his base of supporters and the reason why he is #45.

He finally tweets this….


As we expected, his tweet lacked passion, substance, and felt very generic.


He had one more chance to prove that he isn’t the most incompetent president ever with a press conference.


Let’s just highlight part of his statement, “condemning violence on many sides.”

You know what that screams?

He dismisses the violence of the white supremacists by not acknowledging their roles as the initiators, and not holding them accountable for their actions.  I mean…WHY WOULD HE?

He hangs out with these people when they’re no cameras around


Are we really surprised with all that’s transpired?

Are we really surprised that Trump has yet to be direct and call it for what it is? DOMESTIC TERRORISM

Those were White Supremacists who marched not for freedom of speech and solidarity, but for hatred and intentions to harm and he’s being silent about their actions! I find it hard to believe that they marched for any kind of peace with weapons and mace in tow. One of them actually drove a vehicle into a crowd, killing an anti-racism protester.

What kind of message does a silent president send? It sends the message that he’s complicit with what’s taken place. His actions, views, and policies as President solidify the notion.

Trump’s Speech on White Supremacy March in VA Proves One Thing and that is he doesn’t give a DAMN about black lives and Americans with a conscious for racial equality. 

45 uses pretty words for the camera, giving some folks the illusion that he supports equality for all, but behind closed doors, he praises those white supremacists for what they’ve done. His power as a president will only give people like him the confidence to spread their hate and as long as he serves, it will only get worse.

We are reliving those times, ladies and gentlemen. The times when we’ve wondered how our parents and grandparents lived through those times.

It’s recycled racism…racism that has never really gone away.

We have a president who has yet to voice the truth behind the violence that’s taken place in Charlottesville. He says condemning violence on both sides, but those injuries sustained and the person who was murdered with a vehicle were NOT white supremacists.

At this VERY moment, Trump is being praised on racist websites for not calling out the white supremacists for their actions. This is a president who once called Black Lives Matter “hostile and violent” but……



Rest in Peace, 32-year-old Heather Heyer, a VA paralegal who lost her life, protesting for peace.


For some time now, we have witnessed this “beef” between two dynamic artists who should be embracing each other, instead of “throwing shade”.

We’re talking about Brandy and Monica

Both are singing sensations who were brought up in an era when R&B was dominated by male groups. Despite the popularity of groups like Boyz II Men, Dru Hill, and Jodeci, these two women proved to the industry that being young and female doesn’t suppress their ability to shine bright like a diamond!

As a fan of both and as a black woman, I’m disappointed about this feud that’s started in the late 90s but resurfaced and escalated in recent months. That’s why I feel compelled to write this open letter in hopes that it will reach them and share my thoughts on something so trivial, yet, powerful enough to feed into the perception that black women do not get along.


Dear Brandy and Monica,

Although I’m a few years older than both of you, I looked up to you ladies and still do. Growing into adulthood in the nineties, your music was the soundtrack of my life. I’m sure it was the same for many of your fans and that’s why you both are legends in my eyes. I’ve observed this feud and despite the “entertainment” it provides for us ( social media followers, and bloggers/blog readers), I can’t help but feel like I’m witnessing the downfall of a sisterhood that should be stronger than this guy’s jacket!


Now, we all know that media can exaggerate things and make situations seem bigger than what it is. As a result, fans and critics alike will add their two cents, adding more fuel to the fire. The media and the fans will become problematic because their two cents will cause more division between two talented queens who should be celebrating one another. It gets worse when the both of you publicly responds to one another (although, it seems one of you is taking a higher road). That’s what the world needs to see more of—black women lifting each other up, especially when they share a bond.

What is the bond you both share? Quite a few…

You both started in the industry as teenagers…

You both snatch souls with your voices…

You both suffered a traumatic experience…

You both have grown into beautiful women with beautiful families and are definitely women our little girls can look up to.



I don’t care who’s right or wrong…I don’t care to debate with other fans about who’s throwing more shade than whom…I don’t care to debate about who has the most hits, who sings “better”, who dresses better and all the other fuckery your fans are beefing about on social media. 

What I do care to see are two talented beauties coming together and squash whatever beef they have, because society needs to see that women can support one another…particularly black women.

A feud between Brandy and Monica is like watching a feud between Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni! Or Whitney and Mariah! None of this doesn’t make any sense!



I hope that whatever has transpired offline between the two of you can be resolved in a more mature fashion. We have to inspire, motivate and uplift one another because we are a part of a society that tells us that we don’t. We (black women) are generally perceived as bitches/angry women with bad attitudes. There is also the perception that we don’t get along, and unfortunately, we have enough reality shows that feed into that perception.

Ask yourselves how would the late great Whitney feel if she was alive to see the division between her two sweethearts.

At some point, you’ll have to realize that this feud is definitely not worth losing a friendship over. As women, that whole competitive mentality we have divides us when it doesn’t have to be that way. We all go through similar life experiences but through different chapters in our lives.

You both are blessed beyond measure with a talent given by God. Let it all go and start supporting one another on your achievements as an artist, a mother, and gems who changed the game in R&B. Great things really do happen when we support one another. 









‘Procter & Gamble’ teamed up with ‘My Black Is Beautiful’ for this much-needed ad titled “The Talk” and since the release, it has garnered some negative feedback. The televised ad depicts random families, people of color, informing their kids on how to exist in a world full of racism. Before I go any further. Hit play below!


This ad basically highlights the conversations that no parent of color should have with their kid. Unfortunately, we have to because our kids have to learn to survive in a world that doesn’t see their worth. This ad reflects our truth, but with the truth, comes folks who criticize what they don’t understand.

What I fail to see is why many of the white folks, particularly police officers, are upset about this ad. Nowhere in the ad does it visualize all police officers as racists or all white folks are racists. However, we can’t deny the fact that racism, white privilege, and racial profiling are all prevalent in this country. As a result, we have these talks so our kids can make it home safely. We have these talks so our little black girls and boys can develop into confident and productive adults. We have these talks so our kids will know that they deserve equal treatment as their white friends.

Our truth was revealed in a 70-second video in front of the whole country but Y’ALL are mad!!!!


Read these asinine comments

If you care to watch, here is a cop’s response to the ad here.

It’s beyond amazing how you guys try to rationalize racism with your totally biased ideologies and finger-pointing. The rage that’s felt is a clear reflection of why we have to have “the talk”. You guys are going as far as boycotting, which is hilarious! ‘Procter & Gamble’ is a multinational manufacturer of products for family, personal and household care products. I’m pretty sure that you have 95% of their products in your home. So, if you’re gonna “boycott”, be ready to walk around hungry, stinky, or both!

Good luck!

Girlfriends…Living Single…Martin…Insecure…Waiting To Exhale…Girls Trip

What does all of these have in common?

They all have gone above and beyond to display black women and their friendships in a more positive light. Let’s forget about the ratchet reality shows that make black women look bad, and focus on the good the aforementioned projects have done for women of color.

Like I say here, it makes life easier for us if we take the time to understand what Sisterhood is really about and how we can implement it in our daily lives. Whether we want to believe it or not, we need each other. We have to inspire, motivate and uplift one another because we are a part of a society that tells us that we don’t. We (black women) are generally perceived as bitches/angry women with bad attitudes. Shows like ‘Living Single’ and films like ‘Girls Trip’ diminish the perception that black women cannot get along. I’m thankful for creators of shows mentioned who use their creativity to conceptualize sisterhood on screen the way it should be.

I have something to share…I’ve had a valuable lesson in sisterhood recently that has made me see myself in a different light. It made me evaluate my circle for what it used to be and visualize my friendships for how they are now. Despite the fictional storylines of ‘Girls Trip’, ‘Living Single’ and ‘Insecure’, women like me can use them as templates and apply what we’ve learned to our own friendships. As entertaining as it is to y’all, a toxic episode of ‘Basketball Wives’ could NEVER!!!!

I applaud these films and television shows that depict wonderful friendships among women of color. Not only for my love to see us displayed with warmth, but there weren’t many film and television projects that depicted us in such a way. Let’s get serious here! At one point, we’ve had MANY shows like ‘Friends’ and films like ‘Sex In The City’. Despite the enjoyment those projects gave us, none of the characters looked like us. Additionally, ratchet reality shows with women of color ripping each other’s weaves off, were making a killing in ratings and still are to this day.


Despite the few quarrels and disputes the characters have had, ‘Girlfriends’ was that groundbreaking successful show that depicts women of color who kept the love going for the sake of sisterhood.



Gina and Pam from ‘Martin’ were the epitome of bestfriendism. Despite the animosity between Gina’s man and her bestie, their friendship stayed solid! I guess their on-screen chemistry was solid because they’ve been besties in real life for years.

Despite their different upbringing and differences, Whitley and Kim from ‘A Different World’ displayed a friendship full of support and devotion. Even throughout their many squabbles, their sisterly bond remained intact.


Sisterhood is essential to the lives of women, especially women of color. Let’s be honest…could we really reach our highest potential in womanhood without sisterhood? Sisterhood, I believe, is the foundation of our support system. film and television shows that depict black women friendships in a more positive light remind us of that. Those projects reflect what real life friendships among black women supposed to look like.

I’m grateful for the reminder

Social media is such an integral part of our livelihood. Thinking back to the days before the internet, I wonder how we were able to live without social media. Now, there are millions of households with a computer where families use them for businesses, family interactions, and more.

When we log onto our social media profiles, we do it with a certain level of anticipation; to see what our friends and families are up to, to promote our products, businesses, and anything else that makes social media so enjoyable to use. The downside to using social media is the exposure to double standards and the one-sided perception of beauty…particularly about women and their sizes.


Social media gives some folks a platform to express their senseless ideologies about women’s sizes, and it just proves how ignorant they are to create memes that undermine women with a slender physique. They’re just as silly as the people who share memes of that nature.

If the woman was born with a vagina, then she’s REAL, regardless of size! Because she’s a size two, doesn’t make her any less, or more, of a woman than the next woman.

What is “real” supposed to be, other than being made with cells, organs, molecules, and atoms?????


There’s nothing wrong with women, or men, appreciating thicker curves, but do that without demeaning women who are not as curvaceous!

Women…if you are curvy, be proud of that shit, but don’t put down your slender sistah to elevate your confidence. Beauty really does come in all sizes!

Guys…if you appreciate women who are “thicker than a snicker”, then that’s your preference. However, it doesn’t show how much of a gentleman you are when you put down women who are not as thick. What kind of a man does that?


These types of memes are full of rhetoric and it’s more problematic than encouraging. People who create and share these memes would think they help boost confidence, but they can cause division and self-image issues more than anything else. The inaccuracy and pettiness of these memes are what burns my soul, and I see them on my social media newsfeed daily. Kids are considered the impressionable ones, but certain adults can be just as impressionable by what they read when the material or content applies to them.

A REAL woman is not based off what size she is, her realness is based off what she’s made of..water, flesh, bones, and in our sistahs’ case…MELANIN! Her confidence should come from how she feels about herself without putting the next woman down.

Society does enough of downplaying women with thicker figures, which is why it should be understood that undermining sistahs with skinnier frames won’t make us feel any better about ourselves. That kind of behavior will only make us look like we need higher self-esteem.

The next time you see a “real women have curves” meme, think about it before you press “repost’. You could be dividing, instead of helping.


If you’re a fan of the hit crime drama on Starz, ‘Power’, then you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t understand what I’m saying, let me break it down for you.

During each season, Tasha St. Patrick (played by the gorgeous Naturi Naughton) displays signs of the typical “ride or die” syndrome. As a mother and a wife of a drug dealing-club owner, she is a strong believer in her husband’s rise in the drug empire. That alone, proves that Tasha is nowhere near innocent. She actually encouraged James to stay in the drug biz when he wanted to get out.


However, you can’t help but admire Tasha for the shit she’s been through with James, yet, she stays be his side. When James run into an old girlfriend, Angela Valdez, who he later starts an affair with, Tasha’s world starts to crumble. Tasha had to put away that hard exterior and become vulnerable to her husband. It led to a much-needed discussion about how things went wrong in their marriage.

We all saw what went wrong.

When Angela walked into that club, all James saw was old pum pum, replacing current pum pum, and making it new pum pum. (colloquialism for vagina, if you’re wondering)


I thought Tasha would just leave the marriage, but my girl had other plans!  She uses their driver, Shawn, to gain  information by flirting with him. The flirting turns into furtive sex with Shawn as a way of getting back at James after finding out he and Angela’s affair.

Despite Tasha’s revenge sex, she still loves James. She loves James so much, she looked past the possibility that James might’ve had something to do with Shawn’s sudden death. (The murderer was actually Shawn’s own father, but let’s save that for another blog post)

Although Tasha’s storyline is glorified for our entertainment, Tasha, as a woman, is relatable…not unrealistic. Her anything-goes personality and sometimes manipulative behavior intrigues us. We put ourselves in Tasha’s shoes, wondering if her actions would be our actions. Would we leave or go after the discovery of our significant other smashin’ another woman? It puts things into perspective for a lot of us, especially those of us who’d feel we’d never develop that “Ride or Die” mentality.

As I’ve said in my piece here, I’m not married, but I expect the married folks to go by the whole ‘Ride or Die’ phenomena, because that’s how you keep a marriage strong. I guess I’m old-fashioned because I don’t think ‘Ride or Die’ should apply to folks in basic (sexual) relationships. Too many folks confuse loyalty with being taken advantage of and as a result, they ‘stick around’, because they feel obligated after putting so much energy into establishing the relationship. They also put up with shenanigans because of how they feel about the person. I guess loyalty depends on what a person is willing to tolerate.

In Tasha’s situation, it’s a bit different. She has financial security, living the lavish (and dangerous) life. She also encouraged hubby to stick it out in the drug game, and she has children with him. It’s clear that Tasha did all the things a wife and mother did before James’ affair with Angela. Even after finding out, she still let her guard down and let the love for her man take over by giving up the honeypot.

Tasha had a moment when she looked herself in the mirror and when I saw that I thought, DAMN! As I saw the tears flow, I could only imagine how it would be for me if I was in Tasha’s shoes. You come to the realization that, even in real life, no amount of love, kindness, dedication, loyalty and soul-stirring love-making will keep a man who doesn’t want to be kept.

Long story short, Angela is an Assistant United States Attorney who had James arrested after allegations that he had her ex-boyfriend and co-worker killed. So much for the new pum pum becoming the current pum pum.

Now in season 4, Tasha puts on her cape, takes care of her children, and bosses up while her man is behind bars. If That’s not “Ride or Die” I don’t know WTF it is!

Tasha is doing what she has to do to keep her family together. As a “Ride or Die”sistah, is that smart or is that being foolish?

Since the release of Jay-Z’s 13th studio album, ‘4:44′, there has been lots of interesting discussion about his obvious response to Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’. Jay has definitely revealed being unfaithful throughout the history-making musical project. However, I feel compelled to remind many folks that ‘4:44’ is so much more than what some of us already assumed.

‘4:44’ was in my opinion, his best work to date, because he’s the most honest and transparent he’s ever been throughout his 20-year career. His lyrics reflect that of a man who has gone through self-reflection/revelation as a husband, father, and son. He also expresses the importance of financial empowerment and touches on lack of black leadership.

 Because of the direction the Hip Hop culture has taken, this album was released at such a crucial time. It’s an album we need so desperately.

A lot of the discussion surrounding ‘4:44’ is  more on the artist delivering the message.  People are too focused on the cheating scandal and the fact that others before Jay-Z preached the same message. Apparently, Jay has “done nothing new”, according to some folks who seems less impressed with the new album. Then you have the rest who simply doesn’t like the beats.

I get that we all have a musical preference, but if you’re a true music fan and a true lover of art, you’d hear what’s beyond the beats and get in tune with the message accompanying the beat.

I say kudos to ANY artist who uses their art to spread the message for our people to level up. I don’t care who spread the message first or last, who said it, and how. We are too busy focusing on who said it first, instead of appreciating the man for the message he’s incorporated in his music.

Via ABC News:


“Kill JAY-Z”
The title of the first track on the album is a complete metaphor. The rapper explained to I Heart Radio that the song is “about killing off the ego.” JAY-Z also talks about his relationship with celebrities, including his former best friend, Kanye West. He raps, “But if everybody’s crazy then you’re one that’s insane.” He also addresses his sister-in-law, Solange, and that headline-making elevator fight after the 2014 Met Gala. He raps that he was egging her on. “All you had to say you was wrong,” he added, referring to himself.

“The Story of O.J.”
JAY-Z uses the story of former football player O.J. Simpson as a way to talk about the highs and lows of success, especially as a black man in America. “O.J. like I’m not black, I’m O.J…OK,” he raps unconvinced. The rapper, seemingly addressing young entrepreneurs, also talks about building financial wealth such as by buying property instead of blowing it in nightclubs.

This bluesy feel-good track simply reminds listeners to take a beat to smile. “Bad times turn to good memories/Smile/Even when I’m gone you’ll remember me/Smile,” he raps. JAY-Z also reveals that his mother Gloria Carter identifies as a lesbian. Still, he makes it clear to the listener just what he thinks about it. He raps, “Cried tears of joy when you fell in love/Don’t matter to me if it’s a him or her.”

“Caught Their Eyes”
JAY-Z explained to I Heart Radio that this song is about “just being aware of your surroundings.” He points to a verse where he raps, “Your body language is all remedial, how could you see the difference between you and I?” He also addressed his streaming service Tidal being sued by Prince’s estate after they claimed he streamed the late singer’s catalog without permission. JAY-Z said: “I sat down with Prince eye to eye/ He told me his wishes before he died.”

Many are calling the title track a response to his wife Beyonce’s “Lemonade” album where she tells the painful story of a woman being cheated on. On this song, JAY-Z raps: “I apologize often womanize/Took for my child to be born/See through a woman’s eyes/Took for these natural twins to believe in miracles/Took me too long for this song/I don’t deserve you.” The rapper also said he was “emotionless” during their relationship before apologizing again.

“Family Feud”
JAY-Z is clearly addressing younger rappers on this song, saying he doesn’t understand the new rap culture. “You rather be old rich me or new you,” he raps. “Nobody wins when the family feuds.” He also addresses the lack of black leaders, pointing to shamed comedian Bill Cosby and Al Sharpton.

Back on his typical Hov talk, JAY-Z collaborated with Damian Marley on this bass-heavy track. It seems that the rapper is reminding himself that despite his missteps and transgressions, he’s still the man. “F— all this Shawn Carter s—,” he says, referencing his birth name. “Sometimes you need your ego/Gotta remind these fools,” he adds on this track.

Even JAY-Z was inspired by this year’s Oscars when the best picture announcement was flubbed. On the hook, JAY-Z raps: “We stuck in La La Land/Even if when we win, we gonna lose.” The rapper is commenting on the music industry for hip-hop artists, saying that it needs to progress further. He questions aloud why younger artists are “still signing deals” when record labels often “run off with your masters.”

“Marcy Me”
This track is clearly an ode to Brooklyn and the Marcy Projects, where JAY-Z grew up and which he often raps about. “I’m from Marcy Houses/Where the boys die by the thousands,” he raps, before adding, “Yeah, that’s where it all started.”

If you had any question just where JAY-Z’s head was, he makes it clear on the final song on “4:44.” His daughter, Blue Ivy, helps on this track that talks about his desire to create generational wealth from his success, rapping, “that’s the key.” Jay-Z adds that if he could make this happen, it would be a first for his family. “Black excellence, baby, let them see,” he raps.


‘4:44’ is a breath of fresh air and again, perfect timing! I’d like to think that my people will have an open mind and an open ear to take in the messages in this project that’s most important. It’s more than just his apology to Beyonce for cheating. It’s more than the instrumentation.

‘4:44’ is a musical template for us to strengthen our culture as a whole, as well as enhance our personal way of living.

In this day in age of Hip Hop, it’s awesome to see an iconic Hip Hop artist use his platform to create something that’ll make us want to level up on our black excellence.

Don’t downplay Jay-Z’s efforts to spread the message to his people. He’s done something that some of these new-age rappers WISHED they have the balls to do.



As of now, ‘4:44’ is exclusively available to Tidal subscribers with pre-existing accounts before the release date and Sprint customers. It’s reported that the album will be officially released next week.


(Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)



Whether we like it or not, reality shows has dominated television for years. Since MTV’s groundbreaking ‘The Real World’, it’s been a snowball effect with other networks, including VH1 and BET, following suit and creating non-scripted television for their targeted audience.


The E network is making a killing in ratings with the Kardashians and their show, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. The show debuted in 2007, and E keeps it going with Spinoffs, including one for Kylie Jenner in the near future. However, I’m convinced that their producers ran out of show ideas years ago and viewers are just bombarded with pointless storylines.

I’m just over them.

I don’t know about you, but The Kardashian Klan has invaded my television long enough. I don’t even tune in to the E network, but I see images of them everywhere. At least we know they’ve hired a bomb-ass publicist!


Despite the popularity and the entertaining value of The Housewives and Hip Hop of “whatever city”, they are hard for me to mentally ingest, so I cannot bring myself to watch. The idea of grown women calling eachother out of their names and going for each other’s throats every week doesn’t give me that “Netty & Ceily” feeling. You know what I’m saying?

I’d rather see MORE images of US displaying our magic for the world to witness, and I can think of a few folks who can do that and more. These people deserve a visual platform such as a reality show to showcase their brilliance. These young ladies and men inspire, motivate, and are people young black girls and boys can look up to. They’re talented, their art is of substance, and as a fan of each of them, I am proud of how they represent for people of color.

Beyonce and Solange

If another reality show about sisters is what television need, We TV could add Beyonce and Solange Knowles to the lineup after ‘Braxton Family Values’. Their show would chronicle Bey and SoSo’s life off stage as wives, mothers, and siblings. Of course, Mama Tina would get a few cameos each week. We’ll get an inside look at Bey as a mom of three children, including her brand new twins. We would get to witness how Solange used her creativity to produce ‘A Seat At The Table’ and what inspired her to create such a dope ass album.

Chloe & Halle

Speaking of Beyonce, her proteges Chloe & Halle are the epitome of black girl magic! These sisters were discovered on Youtube by Beyonce and signed them to her record label. Their reality show would chronicle their lives as sisters developing the passion for music. Why they started a YouTube channel, and it will also chronicle their experience on tour with their mentor. Their class, their cuteness, and their sense of style is definitely worth documenting for the world to see!


Yara Shahidi

This beautiful actress and future student at Harvard is a young lady to watch for. The ‘Black-ish’ actress not only stuns us with her beauty, but the well-spoken teen exemplifies a person of great intellect. If Michelle Obama personally sends a letter of recommendation to your school of choice, YOU’VE MADE IT! You can clearly see by her interviews/speeches, her passion for human rights and social justices. I’m sure her double majoring in African-American studies and Sociology will solidify her ability to spread much-needed messages to her peers. Our young people will need her. Yara’s reality show would chronicle her transition from the set to the classroom.


The Cast Of The New Edition Series

These guys seem like such a close-nit cast, It would be nice to watch a documentary-style reality show of their experience from the auditions to the final day of filming.  The series pulled in over 30 million viewers for BET. I was super impressed at how authentic the series was with capturing the group’s rise to super stardom. Well…when you have the actual group members as executive producers, biopics will be better. Pay attention lifetime!


Kendrick Lamar


Everything I’ve said in this piece about Kendrick Lamar, still holds true for me.

Kendrick Lamar is not only one of the greatest hip hop artists of our time, he is an artist who hasn’t let his fame get the best of him. He deserves a reality show…something I feel his apparent humbleness won’t allow him to do. However, I feel a reality show chronicling Kendrick as an artist who stays grounded in an industry that is over-saturated with rappers in skinny jeans and blouses NECESSARY. We’d get to witness K-Dot in his natural habitat, his hometown of Compton, California. He’d be taking the trash out for his mom in one scene, and in the next scene he’d be in the studio creating another masterpiece and planning another tour Overseas.


Get “CTRL” by Sza
(Affiliate link)

I don’t get it….

When we finally get good quality television that us black folks can be proud of and begged for, we turn around and do some ridiculous shit like NOT support.

We’d rather be glued to the ratchet reality shows that make us look bad.


To be honest, I know we watch what we like to watch and I get that. I’m not criticizing anyone who likes ratchet reality because it is entertaining. However, I’m convinced there’s a thin line between entertainment and embellished buffoonery. We criticize Hollywood for not scripting shows that depict people of color in a more positive light, and when they finally do, these shows drop in ratings to women who pull each other’s weaves off over cheating athletes and hip hop artists on national television.

Television is becoming so saturated with ratchet reality, that it’s making me nauseous. Do we really want to spend every day watching what “Tameka” do what she does to “Shay Shay” over her side boo, the basketball star? Do we really want to spend every day watching hip hop dudes verbally and physically slaughter each other over music beats and “bad bitches”?

Thanks to ratchet reality television, we’ve been inundated with imagery that captures the false perception of black culture. I’m convinced that people of color who are television entertainers are only good enough to “entertain” in a way that is selectively acceptable to mainstream Hollywood. We can’t tell a story that is too deep like ‘Underground’, too eye-opening like ‘Sense 8’, too heroic like ‘Pitch’, and ’24 Legacy’ and too light-hearted like ‘The Get Down’. Shows like those aforementioned will not succeed in ratings because apparently, we like folks to have dragged out fights over pure fuckery.

I have to stay mindful of the entertainers who don’t mind getting a check for a good fight scene! As long as we keep watching, they’ll keep getting paid. Get yo’ money, boo!

All I’m really trying to say is give these scripted shows a chance! They really are GOOD QUALITY SHOWS, but we’ll never know because we keep out channels tuned into VH1, which is the network for the ratchiest of ratchet! We’re even losing ratings on video streaming sites like Netflix. How does ‘The Get Down’ get canceled?!? That’s about the origin of Hip Hop, for crying out loud!!!

I’m pleasantly surprised that ‘Blackish’ is still on the air!

Let’s see how long ‘The Carmichael Show’ lasts!


These shows gave a good fight!

‘The Get Down’-This show lasted one season on Netflix

‘Pitched’-Fox canceled the drama, Pitch, after just one season. It was about the first woman to play in the major leagues.

 ‘Underground’-Even with a huge following, this critically acclaimed series lasted only 2 seasons, after the WGN’s parent company was purchased by the right-leaning Sinclair Group. The reason? They said they were going to move away from scripted shows.

‘Legacy 24’– Despite the huge reboot starring Straight Outta Compton’s Corey Hawkins, the Fox series failed to deliver in ratings. It lasted one season with Hawkins. The original ’24‘ starred Keifer Sutherland., lasted over 8 seasons.

‘Rosewood’-Morris Chestnut’s police procedural drama was canceled after two seasons on Fox.

‘Doubt’-I have to actually research this one because I never knew about it. Doubt, the CBS drama starring Dulé Hill and Laverne Cox was axed after only two episodes.

‘Sense 8’-Lasted 2 seasons on Netflix



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