I promised myself that after my open letter to Tomi Lahren over her commentary about the Beyonce Superbowl. However, after Trevor Noah’s epic READ of Tomi, I had to reconsider.

Lahren recently visited Noah’s  for an extended interview on ‘The Daily Show’ to discuss her views on the Black Lives Matter Movement, Colin Kaepernick, and more! Their conversation was entertaining and intriguing, to say the least. I felt like Trevor’s proud sister for asking necessary questions and pulling Lahren’s false narratives from under the rug.

You have to give it up to ole’ girl for always sticking to her views…no matter how clueless she sounds.

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T.I has definitely utilized his creativity in his latest video for “War Zone”, tackling police brutality in such a unique and thought-provoking fashion.

The Tidal Exclusive offers a different perspective on the whole ALL Lives Matter Vs. Black Lives Matter and also raises the question…what if white folks were suffering by police brutality?

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Two more unarmed black men are murdered by law enforcement

I dare anyone to continue to chant or post that “All Lives Matter” bullshit when these recent tragic events, as well as the rest, don’t reflect that! The recent tragedies also points out the obvious double standard that is prevalent in this country; a constant threat to the lives of black people, particularly our men, who are feared as “threats” in this country.


We have Terence Crutcher of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who died from having vehicle trouble! He was shot and killed by police because he apparently looked like “a big bad dude”.

Dashcam footage that went viral shows Mr. Crutcher raising his hands, walking toward his troubled vehicle and leaning against it. He was then tasered by one officer, Tyler Turnbough, and fatally shot by Officer Betty Shelby.


Tulsa’s police chief, Chuck Jordan, said at a news conference Monday that Mr. Crutcher was unarmed and did not have a weapon in his vehicle.

Via NYTimes:

Chief Jordan said Officer Shelby had encountered Mr. Crutcher and his vehicle while en route to another call and requested backup because she was “not having cooperation” from him. Officer Turnbough and his partner responded to Officer Shelby’s request for backup. It was the dashboard camera in their patrol car that recorded the shooting.

According to that video, when the second police car arrived, Mr. Crutcher had his hands raised and was walking away from Officer Shelby, who walked behind him with her gun pointed at his back. She was soon joined by three more officers. Mr. Crutcher was shot less than 30 seconds after the second car arrived.

The helicopter video shows the same scene from above. “He’s got his hands up there for her now,” one officer aboard the helicopter can be heard saying. “This guy is still walking and following commands.”

“Time for a Taser, I think,” a second officer in the helicopter can be heard saying.

“I got a feeling that’s about to happen,” said the first officer, identifed by Mr. Wood as Officer Shelby’s husband, Dave Shelby.

“That looks like a bad dude, too,” the second officer said. Mr. Crutcher was shot moments later, and the helicopter camera captured footage of him sprawled on the pavement, his shirt stained with blood. A woman’s voice can be heard yelling over the radio, “Shots fired!”



We also have Keith Lamont Scott, a disabled man from Charlotte, North Carolina, was killed while waiting for his son to return home from school. He was reportedly in his car reading a book, as he was waiting on his son when cops approached him.

Via The Root:

Police said they were searching for someone who had outstanding warrants when they saw a man with a gun leave a vehicle. The victim was not the subject of the search, said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney.

According to police reports, the man, who has not been named, returned to his vehicle. When they approached the man, they claim he “posed an imminent deadly threat to the officers” and one of them opened fire. An eyewitness told the victim’s daughter that a Taser was used on her father, then he was shot at least three times.

Medics arrived and the injured man was taken to Carolinas Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead.

The victim’s daughter, identified on Facebook as Lyric YourAdorable Scott, found out that her father was dead via the news while recording from the scene of the shooting. The victim’s brother said he was holding a book, not a gun, and was just waiting on his son to be dropped off after school.


Let me introduce you to Ahmad Raham, a bombing suspect, who tried to take the lives of innocent civilians in two major cities! He was also involved in a shootout with police in Linden, New Jersey, but lives to talk about everything in future interviews. According to CNN, Raham declared that “the sounds of bombs will be heard in the streets” and praised Osama Bin Laden in a journal found on him when he was captured and arrested.

We have a VERY peculiar situation here…two unarmed black men, that experienced everyday situations, killed by the hands of police because they appeared as threats to the cops that killed them. Yet, this BOMB suspect is alive and well while he face charges.

Don’t tell me Kaepernick is not reppin’ his country or his team when the country his team plays for doesn’t value his life!

Don’t tell me all lives matter when you can’t even read a book in your own gotdamn car without cops thinking your book is a deadly weapon!

Don’t tell me anything about black on black crime, when we can’t come to those who “serve and protect” for vehicle problems! This is why we’re mad! This is why we protest. Black on black crime has NOTHING to do with the blatant racism embedded in a system that rather see our black men on the ground with blood pouring out of them. These recent events clearly proves that being a good civilian doesn’t count!

Their motto is “shoot now, administrative leave later”. That’s their punishment….paid fucking leave!!!

What’s even more of a slap in the face are the sound of CRICKETS coming from these ALL Lives Matter supporters and Kaepernick critics.

We have two victims here that were feared and killed because of the color of their skin! Nothing more, nothing less! The lenient punishments such as “administrative leave” these officers recieve should be upgraded to jailtime! UNpaid leave, at the very least! Injustice is factored when officers who shoot to kill gets a couple of days off with pay and benefits still intact. That’s not punishment, that’s a vacation!

These officers get to go home to their families and brag at the dinner table how they took out another black man. Meanwhile, we fear for ourselves and our loved ones the moment we step foot outside our homes.

As an observer of this fickle American society, certain group of individuals will still turn a blindeye to the fact that racism still exists. If you believe racism is a thing of the past then you are a part of the problem. Fact is…racism never went away. Cell phones and dashcam footage are giving news reports a boost in proving that fact.

Racism has been upgraded from denial.

These “big bad dudes” that cops fear are hard-working, good citizens with families, while those who doesn’t appear as threatening are across town detonating makeshift bombs. Would I feel any different if the bomb suspect is black? No, because this has been happening for quite some time. It also doesn’t change the fact that these two victims, as many of the other victims, were harmless.


Only in America


Prosecutors dropped charges against the remaining three of the six Baltimore police officers charged in Freddie Gray’s death. The 25-year-old’s spine was severed and he fell into a coma while in police custody, leading to his death three days later.


The outcome of the case has sparked national outrage, creating speculation about Baltimore’s State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby’s handling of the case. Frustrated citizens speculate a “rushed” job to get a conviction for all six officers.

The decision to drop the charges comes after a year-long court battle for prosecutors to prove that the officers involved disregarded Gray’s safety by not fastening his seatbelt while he was in the back of the police van, transporting him to the jail. The prosecutors also argued that the officers failed to give Gray medical attention.

On Wednesday, July 27th, Marilyn Mosby held a press conference.

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Actor Samuel L. Jackson makes his singing debut alongside iconic hip-hop stars, as they’ve come together for a new #BlackLivesMatter anthem. Listen to the Mad Lion produced track,” I Can’t Breathe”, which also features KRS One, Sticky Fingaz, Mad Lion, Talib Kweli & Brother J.

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In less than 24 hours after the execution of Alton Sterling, a Minnesota man, Philando Castile is murdered by police…in front of his 4-year-old daughter and girlfriend.


Have we had enough yet?

Are we fed up enough to get things done and make change?

Are you like me, who is tired of seeing names hashtagged with RIPs?

Like Alton, Philando Castile is more than just a hashtag. According to family history and sources, 35-year-old Castile was a sweet, soft-spoken man who loved his job as a school cafeteria supervisor. He was well-known and respected by staff and students, and he was well-loved by family and friends. The day he died seemed like a typical day for him and his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, who said in a press conference that he had just got his hair done in preparations for his birthday. They were running errands when they were pulled over for allegedly having a busted tail light. What you see in the video below is the result of that encounter.


My thoughts:
I am truly amazed at the calm Ms.Reynolds showed, while her boyfriend lay next to her, dying from gunshot wounds. To think that she had to take the time to sign into her Facebook account and press live without screaming, cradling Philando, or basically going insane. I truly commend her for containing her emotion enough to do what she needed to do in the midst of sudden tragedy.


I’m tired, frustrated, and worried for my children’s future.

As a mother of a girl and a boy, I fear that my kids will have to grow in a world with people who will judge them for the color of their skin.

Our skin color is a death target for police officers who are scared of us. Ms. Reynolds brought up a good point during her press conference. I guarantee you that half of those who are sworn in to “serve and protect” has grown into adulthood with mental issues and suffering from emotional abuse.

They take their frustrations out on people of color with a bullet.

“It’s a silent war against African-American people as a whole” ~Valerie Castile

I feel in my heart that Alton and Philando’s tragedy is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

What now?


It’s my belief that 37-year-old Alton Sterling woke up on the morning of the July 5th, not expecting to be killed. I imagine Alton woke up every morning, ready to make some cash for his family. That’s what he was accustomed to doing for 6 years, by selling DVDs/CDs in front of a convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The day after celebrating “Independence Day”, Alton, a black man and a father of five, was killed in front of that convenience store. He was held to the ground and shot multiple times at point-blank range by cops who are now on an insulting punishment of administrative leave. While they’re on administrative leave, a family is mourning the death of their loved one, who was murdered by those who suppose to serve and protect.

It seems like the same story five times a year. The only difference is the names.

Alton Sterling makes the 558th black victim in the United States to be murdered by cops. His death sparks national outrage, but is our outrage enough to force change?

We’ve been outraged for years. When will out outrage transform into power? or can it?

Sterling’s murder reminds us of the ineffectiveness of our collective actions for change. We can protest, march, and fight for justice until our heart’s content, but I’m convinced that none of that will change the way THEY view us, particularly our black men.

When it comes to change, I think it starts and ends with us.

Predominantly African-American communities throughout the country are suffering from crimes committed daily. There’s a handful of us who tries to remedy the violent problem that we face, such as our courageous community/black lives matter activists. Unfortunately, the news shows proof that our collective efforts were  unsuccessful. Whether it’s our brothas killin’ each other or those with the badges who serves and protects dishonorably, our people (particularly our princes and kings) are dying at an enormous rate. Our communities are also suffering from lack of resources for our children. Our classrooms are over-crowded, our rec centers are abandoned, and our small/independent businesses have been shut down by bigger corporations.

Let’s start with the authorities who chooses to disregard human life when that human is of color. They will never value our lives as long as we keep devaluing each other. The black on black killings is staggering, embarrassing, and basically helps THEM at their job. One would say that police killings/brutality is different from black on black homicide and we should stop the comparisons. While that might be true, we can’t deny the fact that as long as we keep killing our own, they are behind closed doors, giving each other “high-fives”. They’ll laugh in our faces when we chant “black lives matter”.

The division between us and them could very well disrupt the mission to add and subtract for a citywide solution. As a result, I think if we want our lives regarded by law enforcement, we should sit down with our children and teach them a valuable lesson in unity. We should teach them that there’s more to life than shooting each other over drugs and territory.

It’s probably hard for some of our kids to believe that, considering their lives are dormant; physically alive, but not living. As a result, the gangs has taken place as their family. They’re not given a chance because of what’s around them. All they’re accustomed to are the war zone type neighborhoods they’re growing up in. Instead of opportunities to better themselves, they’re faced with adversities on a daily basis. They get poor grades in school because they cannot function. They can’t function because of what they go through at home. Our neighborhoods are plagued with liquor stores on just about every corner and boarded up buildings that create “eye sores” to our already torn down blocks. Our kids are a product of their environment and their environment is undervalued. As a result, THEY see us as UNDERVALUED.

THEY feel entitled to strip us of our lives because they deem us as worthless. That’s why they’re still killing us. They (trigger-happy cops) are the new-aged Ku Klux Klan.

We’ve tried marching and chanting “Black Lives Matter” until our throats became sore and our toes bled. Our community activists can get thrown in jail for the people every week! DeRay McKesson and Roland Martin can exchange words with Fox representatives and bigots every week. None of that won’t change a damn thing!

Change comes from Unifying; building our own communities, creating our own jobs with the support of black businesses,spending and making our own money. Change comes with proper laws enforced and implemented; voting power… putting those in office that cares more about community empowerment and less about photo ops and political slander.

Alton Sterling and the other 557 victims of police killings didn’t have to die. They were all sought after by cop killers who simply thought they were doing their job by taking away a human being who they thought didn’t deserve to live. In my opinion, each of these victims, including Sterling, were judged before the trigger was pulled. THEY played God with the help of a bullet.

We live in a world where people show more compassion about the killing of a gorilla than the killing of a black man. It’s time to stop begging for acceptance in this country and make the changes we need to see.


Alton Sterling was just a man making an honest living

Alton Sterling is us


ELLE Magazine featured Beyoncé for their May issue and she looked fabulous, giving that Jennifer Beales’ ‘Flashdance’  flavor! She opened up about feminism, injustice, motherhood, police brutality, her new athletic sportswear, Ivy Park, and so much more.

When asked about her message behind ‘Formation’, this is what she had to say:



What do you feel people don’t understand about who you really are, and in particular about the message you’ve put forward with “Formation”?

I mean, I’m an artist and I think the most powerful art is usually misunderstood. But anyone who perceives my message as anti-police is completely mistaken. I have so much admiration and respect for officers and the families of officers who sacrifice themselves to keep us safe. But let’s be clear: I am against police brutality and injustice. Those are two separate things. If celebrating my roots and culture during Black History Month made anyone uncomfortable, those feelings were there long before a video and long before me. I’m proud of what we created and I’m proud to be a part of a conversation that is pushing things forward in a positive way.

Read her entire interview here

Last night’s episode of ‘Black-ish’ was needed and very necessary. The writers and the cast deserves an Emmy for not only their performances, but for using their platform to help spread awareness of societal issues. Last night’s special episode centered around Black Live Matters and police brutality. When the kids ask some tough questions in the midst of a highly publicized court case involving alleged police brutality and an African-American teenager, Dre and Bow

Last night’s special episode centered around Black Live Matters and police brutality. When the kids ask some tough questions in the midst of a highly publicized court case involving alleged police brutality and an African-American teenager, Dre and Bow are conflicted on how best to field them. Dre, along with Pops and Ruby, feel the kids need to know what kind of world they’re living in while Bow would like to give them a more hopeful view about life. When the verdict is announced, the family handles the news in different ways while watching the community react.

Watch a clip of the powerful episode below