When I first heard “If I Ever Fall in Love” by Shai, I immediately convinced myself that no other person or group could do any better. I’ve been biased since the nineties….until Pentatonix and Jason Derulo proved me wrong.

These guys perfectly executed the timeless and classic hit made famous by the handsome brothas of Shai. I’m sure they are proud to have passed the torch to a group that could effortlessly snatch souls with it as they have!

Press play below!



If you were a fan of the hit NBC competition show The Sing Off, then you know this group who became champions in the third season. Meet Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Avi Kaplan, Kirstin Maldonado,& Kevin Olusola. They make up the GRAMMY-AWARD WINNING group, Pentatonix, that have transcended A Cappella to an astounding level by utilizing their originality to capture audiences who may have never embraced A cappella in the past.


I wanted to do a story on this talented group of individuals because I honestly have not heard A Cappella so awesomely done since R&B legends BoyzIIMen. Their performance delivery is full of spunk, style, and they exude  generous amounts of youthfulness that grabs the attention of young music lovers, all while capturing the souls of folks beyond their years. In other words, people of all ages who loves R&B, pop, and hip-hop loves this group. All being in their early to mid-twenties might have something to do with that youthfulness they embody, but trust when I say it will not matter. Pentatonix is very entertaining and appeals to music lovers.


Pentatonix (1)

Each member brings their own talent to the group, which also makes this group so special and full of personality. Scott is the statuesque blonde with the voice that could make any girl twirl and faint! His vocal range and runs are amazing! Mitch is the sassy brunette with the dimples and the incredible high octaves. He really delivers with any range and with such ease. I would swear he came out of the womb belting notes, instead of crying. Kirstin is the pint-sized diva of the group. She obviously brings the girl power to the group with her feistiness and her ability to win the hearts of the male fans. Avi is the bass of the group. He not only steals the hearts of the female fans with his amazing smile and gorgeous eyes but with his talent as a bass singer, he steals the hearts and souls of all of their fans. Last, but not least, there’s Kevin Olusola, who brings the hip AND the hop to the group with his awesome skills as a beat boxer AND his ability to be a walking percussion section. If I would have never seen the visuals to their music, I would assume there were live instruments playing. Between Avi AND Kevin, they’re that damn good! That’s reason enough that I need to catch them live.

I think Pentatonix will be with us for a long time, and I am looking forward to more from them. These kids can sing any damn thing from Britney Spears to Marvin Gaye! Check out their Youtube channel, PTXOfficial, and the Youtube Channel of The Sing Off (3rd season) for proof!


All of their albums are available from their website and everywhere music is sold.

Check out the visual to their current single from their latest album, ‘Pentatonix’, “Can’t Sleep Love”

Check out this bad-ass “Evolution of Michael Jackson”

Check out my favorite cover of “Royal” by Lorde

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