If you’ve been on these internet streets, most likely you’ve got word about a group text sent to a bunch of side chicks allegedly from the fiance of New York Giants player, Victor Cruz. In case you haven’t, read the text below obtained by Media Take Out.


Elaina Watley, fiance of the NFL player definitely held nothing back when she pressed the ‘send’ button. However, her bold text leaves me baffled as to how to perceive her. Should I give her  a virtual high five or should I feel absolutely sorry for her?

She’s definitely bold! I’ll give her that. But the fact that she even knows about her fiance’s side chicks tells me that the level of her loyalty for Cruz is unbelievable! I don’t know this couple and honestly, I’ve never even heard of Victor until this story broke, so I’m not going to spend too much energy analyzing this situation. On the outside looking in, it looks like a clear case of a woman who struggles with her worth and being the “prized possession”.

This text clearly shows that Watley has accepted (or forgiven) his cheating ways and that says a lot about her security or lack thereof. My assumption is that being the prize also means that women in her position will forgive or accept a lot of things that, under normal circumstances, most wouldn’t even consider forgiving. Let’s not forget the fact that Cruz blatantly disrespected Watley and their relationship. Now that’s it’s made public from Watley’s “not so smart” move, she and Victor  have to suffer the consequences by possibly becoming humiliated while dealing with the aftermath in the public eye.

Now, let’s talk about self-worth and the importance of having it. Does a woman who confronts side chicks and later walk hand-in-hand with her man have any?

When we as women know our worth, we would never accept irresponsibility and disrespect in a relationship with a man (or woman) who is supposed to love us. Unfortunately,  when some of us believe in the power of being “number one” in someone’s life, we’ll feel like we’re immune to  breaking up, no matter what wrong he (or she) has done. Knowing your worth is so important because our worth teaches us that we value ourselves enough to not let anyone take us for granted. Self-worth is about who we are, not about what we do. Sure! Elaina may have SERVED filth to the sides through a mass text, but what do her actions say about her as a person? Does she value her relationship more than herself? Elaina felt so special enough to send a bunch of women that her man slept with and called them whores just to feel better about herself. She didn’t realize that she was already fighting a losing battle in this competition, the moment she considered confronting side chicks.

I hope she’ll eventually respect herself enough to let him go and be a good example for other women like her who are going through the same thing. I’m sure there are a lot of “Elainas” out there, gettin’ played like Spades. If your mate doesn’t make an effort to maintain integrity, respect, and genuine loyalty within the relationship…DEUCES!

No one is worth devaluing who you are.