It’s been reported that Justin Bieber was offered 5 million dollars to perform at the Republican National Convention. Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, and Cleveland Cavaliers player Lebron James, reportedly encouraged Justin to turn down the offer.

Via The Score:

The offer to perform at a venue adjacent to the contentious Republican National Convention (RNC) was seen as a political event despite claims that it had no affiliation with the GOP’s festivities. Those claims appear false, with TMZ reporting that the event was indeed bankrolled by GOP donors, which prompted the singer to seek advice from LeBron and his manager, Scooter Braun.

Braun, who is a vocal supporter of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, had threatened to quit as Bieber’s manager had he decided to go through with the offer.

Reports suggest that Braun’s initially suggested Bieber hang ‘Black Lives Matter’ banners at the event before donors maintained that he could perform only with banners that read ‘All Lives Matter.’

Braun’s approach then followed a more direct route, with the manager who discovered the Canadian in 2007 threatening to quit should Bieber decide to perform.

Bieber’s people then contacted representatives for LeBron James.

LeBron was also rumored to attend an event in Cleveland that was not affiliated with the RNC but ultimately rejected the offer.

Reports suggest that Bieber and LeBron discussed the invitation, with the four-time MVP allegedly talking the 22-year-old pop star out of a decision that could have amounted to career suicide in light of Donald Trump’s dubious platform.


It was an emotional and bitter-sweet moment for Laker fans, as Kobe Bryant and Lebron James battled it out on the court for the last time Thursday night. The 37-year-old Laker guard [Bryant] announced his retirement back in Nov. of 2015 in a poem he wrote for ‘The Players Tribune’. 

“You gave a six-year-old boy his Laker dream
And I’ll always love you for it.
But I can’t love you obsessively for much longer.
This season is all I have left to give.
My heart can take the pounding
My mind can handle the grind
But my body knows it’s time to say goodbye.”

Read full poem here


Best of luck with your new journey after you leave this beautiful game behind,” Lebron James wrote on Bleacher Report’s Uninterrupted. “I’ll do my part to grow it, to make it as great as you made it and leave it for the next group that comes behind me and the rest of the guys.”




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