If you look up “Melanin Goddess” in the dictionary, I’m convinced Khoudia Diop,’s image would be featured as the defining example. This stunning 19-year-old has been turning heads for quite some time, since her Instagram popularity. Now, the native of Senegal who is now living in NYC is becoming one of the industry’s hottest modeling sensations, thanks to her angelic face and gorgeous skin tone.


It wasn’t all love for the model back in the early days. According to Daily Mail, Diop was bullied as a child for her skin tone.

“I used to face up to bullies by confronting them. Now, I prefer not pay attention to negativity and focus on learning to ‘love myself more every day”, she tells Dail Mail.

She still gets negative comments about her skin tone now, especially online.


I have this feeling that this beauty’s confidence will knock all the haters down like dominos.

Kiop has been modeling for two years since her Instagram blowuptuism. She currently has over 220,000 followers.