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When you think of the word, “intimacy”, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

What if I told you that the meaning of intimacy goes deeper than all of those.

Let’s look at Webster’s definition of intimacy…
the state of being intimate; a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group; a close association with or detailed knowledge or deep understanding of a place, subject, period of history, etc.

Intimacy is openness, transparency, acceptance, being candid and honest, and sharing all of yourself beyond the physical. Intimacy is also self-revelation and being comfortable with sharing those revelations with your partner. To openly share your thoughts, your attitudes, and your feelings without feeling like you’ll be judged says a lot about how mature your relationship is.

Kendrick Lamar is the perfect example of a man who displays that kind of maturity. In a 2015 interview with ‘Billboard’, he had this to say about his fiance, Whitney Alford.



Kendrick perfectly illustrates what goes down in the truest form of intimacy; vulnerability, transparency, and obviously not being afraid to be any of that with his woman….his best friend 🙂


We have to distinguish the difference between true intimacy and false intimacy, as well.

False intimacy is lust, physical attraction and admiring the exterior of a person without truly knowing who they are on the inside. False intimacy can be tricky and it can lead situationships, as opposed to a healthy relationships.


Intimacy is about being emotionally close to your partner, not just physically. Allowing your partner to let their guard down is the best feeling in the world, because they are showing you that they’re trusting you with their inner most secrets and desires. That’s the kind of intimacy that will keep a relationship solid. A relationship without true intimacy can be boring and uninspiring.






It appears that Kendrick Lamar’s mother approves and loves her son’s latest album, ‘Damn’!

Peep the text the proud mother sent her son below!



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Speaking of ‘Damn’, the anticipated release earned Kendrick a 3rd No 1 album on Billboard 200 and the biggest debut of 2017!

Did you copy yours yet?

Hit play below on the visual to one of my favorites on the 14-track album, “DNA”. The visual features iconic actor, Don Cheadle, who does an epic performance!

Kendrick Lamar recently released new music that we’ve been anticipating. But, like most of Kendrick’s material, his new single, “Humble”, comes with some controversy and THIS TIME, I’m really not sure why.

Read the lyrics below from the 2nd verse

“I’m so fucking sick and tired of the Photoshop/Show me something natural like afro on Richard Pryor/Show me something natural like ass with some stretch marks.”


Before I share my discombobulation over the outrage of some of the women, hit play below to the visual to K-dot’s “Humble”.


I’ve played this over and over again to feel the outrage that’s been sparked by some of my sistahs and to be honest…I’m still perplexed. In fact, the more I listen, the more I dig it.

I’ve been following the outrage of some of the women on social media…particularly Twitter and I’ve read some valid points about misogyny in Hip Hop. That’s a general observation I’ve had for years as a hip hop fan. However, I don’t see the need to knock the brotha for simply expressing in his art that he doesn’t mind flaws and that’s EXACTLY what he’s doing.

In my humble opinion, I feel like some of you folks need to project your anger over the objectification of black women at those who truly deserve it. How about this beauty expert? –>read here

I’ve been reading and hearing that Kendrick is “problematic” and “expressed his own sexual desires”. I’ve also read and heard that the word “bitch” was used numerous times in the video which also sends the wrong message.

One…you have to understand hip hop and have listened to it long enough to know that his usage of the B word was not intended for his female listeners. In fact, if you’ve been following Kendrick since “Control”, you’d realize “Humble” is a diss track.

Two…This artist expressed love for natural beauty, yet all some of you hear are a certain group of women being empowered while another group is being “shamed”.

Nowhere in this single is this artist expressing disdain for any group of women. None of his lyrics display disrespect to those who have had plastic surgery. I fail to hear where he’s said anything negative towards women who wears weaves and/or has had plastic surgery through this single. Saying he wants to see a natural ass with stretch marks is not him expressing that we SHOULD be one way or another.  I take that as an expression of overlooking flaws and seeing beauty that’s natural….and natural, in itself, is beauty.

The man even expressed he’s sick and tired of Photoshop images, but y’all wanna be mad about that, too! If he would have said we should post Photoshopped images and images with layers of filters to alter our natural appearance, then y’all would really have something to be outraged about!

Please stop

If you’re a fan of Kendrick Lamar, then you’d know he tells a story and expresses his thoughts and feelings through his art.  If you’ve listened to two of his biggest albums, then you’ve listened to his struggles with negative thoughts, feelings on black on black crime, self-love, love of black people and being black. With his art, he could easily continue to evolve as a lyricist, especially if he continues to praise the natural beauty of a black woman as he has in “Humble”. That’s big for any hip hop artist to do because we (natural women) aren’t celebrated properly as much as we should be.

This faux outrage is draining and unnecessary, to say the least. Y’all wanna be mad at someone? Direct your anger towards Bill O’Reilly for trying to come for Maxine Waters!





2015 has been a great year for Kendrick Lamar. Not only because of his successful sophomore studio LP, To Pimp A Butterfly and the news of his eleven Grammy nominations.

This Hip Hop artist got to meet with President Obama in the oval office!

According to The Hill, Kendrick had an opportunity to meet with the president in October when he was in Washington to perform at the Kennedy Center with the National Symphony Orchestra.

Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said that Lamar and President Barack Obama had shared a conversation in the Oval Office.

“You know what the president said to him? [Because] he was a little nervous — bless his heart, he’s really a very nice young man, and the president said, ‘Can you believe that we’re both sitting in this Oval Office?’” Jarrett said.


Obama once told People Magazine that “How Much a Dollar Cost” is his favorite track!

When Hip Hop artists and the commander-in-chief meets… You know Hip Hop has come a long way.

That’s GOTTA inspire the young black boys/girls in our urban cities!

The Kendrick-narrated PSA below reveals the discussion he and President Obama had about the problems and solutions of the inner cities. The PSA is for President Obama’s initiative, My Brother’s Keeper. In the minute-long clip, directed by Dave Meyers and The Little Homies, Kendrick becomes a mentor to the youth.

“If it helps the next kid become a better person in life, I will forever be aware of my influence and pay it forward,” he says.

From Compton to the White House. I can dig it!


It’s the same story we’re often used to hearing.

They all make it out the hood with the dream of becoming a Hip-Hop artist.

A handful actually makes it out, but there’s a few who stand out.

One of those artists is Kendrick Lamar.


There’s an old soul about Kendrick Lamar that radiates in his music, his style, and in his mannerisms. You can tell growing up in Compton, California didn’t limit his ability to tell a story so effortlessly. His clever ways of using his lyrical talent to express his socially conscious side while representing the hood is refreshing to see in an industry that is saturated with Hip-Hop that glorifies everything from sex to drugs to the latest dance craze.  Although Kendrick’s been on the scene for a while, it was Good Kidd, m.A.A.d City that brought him instant success and rightfully so. I wasn’t only impressed with the music of GKMC, I was also impressed with how he carried himself after the release. He didn’t put his fame and success in people’s faces with blinged out jewelry, outrageously expensive cars, and custom-made apparel. His humbleness resonates in interviews with the media (radio, television, internet), and they prove how down-to-earth and grounded he is. His attitude reads “impact” and not “impress”.

To Pimp a Butterfly further confirms his brilliance with utilizing live instrumentation as opposed to computerized and why it’s appreciated with true music lovers. To Pimp a Butterfly gives listeners an old school vibe with a touch of Jazz, Funk, and Soul. His fans from day one expressed difficulty vibing to the complexity of the album via social media. However, his mission to speak what’s on his mind from his love of music to racial profiling has garnered much-deserved attention and respect from all over the world.

This 28-year-old man has shown tremendous growth since his release of TPB. You can sense his awareness to not let the industry turn him into some superficial Hip-Hop artist. He expresses more of who he is with his plaits, facial hair, and he continues to rock hoodies and jeans. All of that shows that he’s focused more on his music than trying to keep an image.

This is why Kendrick Lamar is cut from a different cloth. Some may debate this, as other Hip-Hop artists’ names will be dropped (hence J. Cole).

I give J. Cole his props as another Hip Hop artist whose uniqueness impresses me, but I have yet to hear his entire catalog to share my thoughts on him musically.

Once I do, I’ll gladly show him love.

Until then..It’s All about K.Dot





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