When news first broke that Gospel sensation, Thomas (TC) Clay  died, it was received as a rumor. We all know that social media tends to kill our favorite celebs every other few months. Unfortunately, what we’ve all thought was a rumor…is in fact, true. it’s been confirmed that Clay died suddenly from an undisclosed cause/illness.

Many friends and associates in the business of Gospel and beyond turned to social media to express their thoughts on the well-beloved gospel star. However, it was Jazmine Sullivan’s eulogy about Clay that has everyone talkin’!

Folks dragged the ‘Reality Show’ singer for her NOW DELETED eulogy which offended many fans, who thought her eulogy was full of narcissism, and how she blatantly called out the late gospel star as “thirsty”.

“I know you still got a crush on me in heaven.” is part of her odd eulogy which may have turned a lot of her fans off.

She may have deleted it, but of course, we have screenshots! Check out her eulogy below and tell us what you think!



My eyes ain’t used to these rays
I’m feeling exposed, but I hide no more
I can’t hide
As the sun shines on all of my glory
My flaws don’t look so bad at all
What was I so afraid of?

Every part of me is a vision of a portrait
Of Mona, of Mona Lisa
Every part of me is beautiful
And I finally see I’m a work of art
A masterpiece


Those are just a few of the lyrics from Jazmine Sullivan’s “Mona Lisa”, her newest single from her album, ‘Reality Show’.


Watching Jazmine perform the beautiful song during last night’s Black Girl’s Rock event, I felt a different kind of beautiful. I not only listened to the lyrics Jazmine was singing, but I watched her in all of confidence and in her pride. Her outer beauty radiated, reflecting from her inner beauty, as she and her flawless backup dancers showed America that we are all uniquely beautiful, regardless of size, skin color, height, etc. That’s the kind of beautiful that I felt, watching her performance.

The entire performance perfectly illustrated the fierceness that women and young girls should have about themselves. Unfortunately, we’re all not that confident.

It’s not easy living in a society where women with extra curves &/or unique skin color, etc., is undermined and undervalued, because they don’t fit the beauty standard.

Well, this performance says that we are not the standard, but the exception!

We are a “Mona Lisa”…a MASTERPIECE!

I am so here for this single to be the anthem for every little girl, young lady, and woman who thinks they aren’t good enough.

Like Jazmine says…every part of you is a vision of a portrait.

Don’t let society and mainstream media tell you any different!

Press play below for Jazmine’s epic and powerful performance!


When I came across this Ebony feature, I suddenly felt a sense of pride for being semi-thick. Up until I’ve seen this cover, I’ve been focused on ways to change my semi-thickness into high school size. This Ebony cover is emblazoned with fierceness and confidence from four beautiful black women who dared themselves to embrace what they have.

This cover speaks volumes and it can definitely reinforce positive thoughts in women, who are not model thin, that it’s okay to show off their curves and with confidence. For years, the beauty industry fat-shamed plus-sized women with the help of media and entertainment. Self-acceptance is so important because we live in a world that tells us that being anything over a size 6 is considered overweight. That’s why there are so many cases involving young girls suffering from eating disorders.  I used to always say that I’d be glad when society begins to accept all sizes and shapes. Thanks to brands like Sports Illustrated, my dream of seeing more plus-sized beauties accepted is finally coming to fruition and that makes me feel really good.


Via Tomika Anderson for Ebony:

What would be evoked in you, readers, if I said the women photographed here—Grammy winner Chrisette Michele, 33; R&B chart topper Jazmine Sullivan, 28; Orange Is the New Black actress Danielle Brooks, 26; and plus-size blogger and swimwear designer Gabi Fresh, 26)—and I were sitting around a steakhouse table selecting from family-style options including filet mignon, roasted chicken, mac ‘n’ cheese, mashed potatoes, creamy spinach, salad and, eff it, cheesecake? Would you frown in disgust? Shake your head? Cheer us on? Think nothing of it?

Those of us who identify as chunky, curvy, plus-size, big, ample, full-figured, BBW, big-boned, thick, voluptuous, heavy-set or fat are fully aware of the obsession-rejection, push-pull, love-hate relationship society has with our physiques. What others may think about what we do or don’t eat doesn’t matter; the greater judgments, regardless of whether they are favorable, come from within.

Read more here


It’s apparent that we teach ourselves and our daughters about self-love and self-acceptance regardless of size, because this world can be very cruel to folks who aren’t considered beautiful under typical beauty standards. It’s important to realize that what may not be considered beautiful to one person, may be considered beautiful to twenty other people. Also, not caring about others’ opinions of you is the key.

Self-acceptance starts from within.

Another thing we have to realize that being big does not always mean being unhealthy. It’s obviously a fact that a lot of big people, particularly women, carry their curves very well and is also living a healthy lifestyle. Ebony‘s cover models are proof!

Don’t EVER get it twisted! Being big never means you’re not healthy, sexy or beautiful. Confidence and  self-acceptance are just as sexy as the curves we carry…so carry on! I applaud the featured beauties, Gabi, Jazmine, Danielle, and Chrisette, for sharing their stories and big ups to Ebony for shedding light on the importance of body image battles with ourselves and with society.

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