I went to see ‘When The Bough breaks‘, expecting to see something other than the typical crazy chick movie.

My expectations were set too high.

However, despite the usual crazy chick storyline, ‘When The Bough Breaks’ did have a unique twist, adding a bit of originality to the plot. I appreciate makers of the film using a newcomer to the feature as the character, Anna. Actress Jaz Sinclair is cute AND gorgeous AND played that role too damn good!

Before her character transitioned, she displayed such a quirkiness that was beyond adorable, I just couldn’t stand it. By the time she transitioned to the obvious “femme fatale”, her sex appeal was emblazoned by her natural beauty and the awesome ability to execute the art of characterization. It was like she played two totally different characters!

Morris Chestnut played the suave and charismatic, loving husband to Regina Hall’s character; the beautiful adoring wife whose mission was to complete their family with a baby that she desperately wants.

There were a few “Oh My God” moments, but also a lot of predictable moments throughout this film, making for “less than enthusiastic” feelings of the next scene, as opposed to anticipating them.

Overall, I enjoyed ‘When The Bough Breaks’¬†for what it’s about, but I left the theater, feeling like I’ve seen it a few times already.


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