I’m a self-proclaimed introvert.

Before coming to that conclusion, my thought was I struggled with connecting with people because of my “background” personality. In doing deeper research on the extrovert Vs. introvert phenomena, it’s become clear that I am far from being a “people person”. I’ve also realized that others connect introverts with being shy or quiet. Well, I am here to break it down for those who need a better understanding of why us introverts operate the way we do. Here are the six biggest misconceptions about introverts.

Not outgoing– It’s not that we aren’t outgoing. If we decline an invite, it’s usually because we were invited to go out at the last-minute (Sometimes, “last-minute” could mean two days prior).  As introverts, we need time to prepare ourselves to be around a crowd of people or gathering of some sort. Parties and huge functions take us out of our comfort zone because there are way too many personalities for us to absorb in one place. We’re more of an intimate crowd type of people. We enjoy gatherings with at least five or lesser people.

We don’t talk– Not a talker couldn’t be farthest from the truth. In fact, we love to talk, especially when the topics consist of life and what our inner spirit tells us. The truth of the matter is we hate “small talk”. If we have to force a conversation with someone, it’ll make the connection between us feel disingenuous. As far as gatherings where discussions take place, we like to at least observe the people in our surroundings before we become vocal and participate. During this time, we are deciding if these people around us are worth sharing our inner thoughts with. It may take some of us longer than others to make a decision…hence the quietness about us that extroverts tend to pick up.

We’re shy– We’re not shy at all. It takes time for us to open up around new folks. The impression others may get it that we’re “stuck-up”. Introverts as a whole are very down-to-earth people who are also open-minded people. We accept people for who they are, just like we hope they’ll accept us for how we are. We are comfortable in our bubble. If you can see and understand that, you’re welcomed to join us 🙂

We’re bored and boring– Naw…we have fun in our own little world with our love for art and creativity. We don’t get bored because we reflect and think of ways to change what needs to be changed. As a result, we find ways to keep ourselves busy through our love of artistry. Others who don’t share our love will find us boring…and that’s okay. The fewer people we have to convince, the better.

We love phone calls– Contrary to popular belief, we hate phone calls. Especially ones that are “out of the blue”. Why? Because they feel intrusive and it’s another way to force “small talk” which we try to avoid (as explained in #2). Unless it’s someone whose voice we’d love to hear, we prefer texting. If it’s business related, we’ll give an email.

We don’t have a sense of humor– We love to be silly and laugh with you guys. That also takes away the pressure to work harder at having a conversation with you.