Questlove is the drummer for the Grammy-Award Winning band, The Roots. The well-loved drummer sat down with Matt Lauer of ‘Today’ for a trip down memory lane. He opened up about what it was like to grow up in a musical household, competing against BoyzIIMen as students at the Philadelphia School Of Performing Arts, having to be home from school before ‘Oprah’ came on, how he came up with his moniker, and so much more!

There are two versions of this interview.

Press play here for the short version of Questlove’s interview

To watch the full 30-minute interview, press play here

Many of us are still shocked to hear of Vanity‘s passing. Like me, some of us celebrate her life by going to YouTube and watching old clips, music videos, and interviews of the fallen star. I came across this old clip of Arsenio Hall as the featured host of The Late Show. Arsenio’s guest was Vanity and her sister. I took my first look at her sister and immediately remembered seeing her before.


Do you recognize her sister? If not,  you’ll be surprised at the connection she has to Arsenio!


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