My best friend in my head, Marsha Ambrosius, recently visited ‘The Breakfast Club’ to discuss her new music, experiencing sex after birth, and motherhood. Marsha also shared her TRUE experience with former group mate, Natalie, which caused the break up of Floetry. My girl held nothing back and gave TBC an EXCLUSIVE, for sure!

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It’s no secret that the background of a typical rap star like Beanie Sigel is of “the streets”. So, I think we can all agree that the Philly native’s interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’ exposed a man revealing a socially-constructed attitude that could make “masculinity” a bad thing to be.

The rap legend recently visited ‘The Breakfast Club’ to discuss his “beef” with Meek Mill and The Game, ghostwriting speculations, why he decided to release the diss records, and more. Things went left within the first 5 minutes when Charlamagne said he sounded like “a hater” on a podcast show.

Throughout the entire interview, Bean appeared on-edge, was extremely aggressive a few times, and displayed such a defensive attitude, because of disagreements with Charlamagne.

At one point, the conversation turned into a topic of feminization in Hip-Hop and Bean exposed his apparent homophobia by expressing his disgust to see two men kiss on television. He also makes a clarification between “getting knocked out” and “getting stole” which happened to him by one of Meek Mills people right before a performance.

Now, if you’re a fan of ‘The Breakfast Club’ like I am, you should be used to the fact that Charlamagne has enough balls to ask questions that only a few of us are bold enough to ask. With that being said, we should have expected tough questions for Bean. Bean apparently took offense a few times and retaliated with suggesting he stop asking questions he’s not “qualified” to ask. At one point during the interview, Bean pointed out one of the reasons why Charlamagne wasn’t “qualified”; because Charlamagne is a “radio dude” and he’s not from “his world”.

Although this intense interview was worth watching, there’s one piece of Jewel Charlamagne said that stuck out.

“I think we need to make a distinction between real & street. I think that sends the wrong message to the kids. I think there’s a difference being a criminal & being real.”

There you go….

That’s the inspiration behind this piece.

We didn’t just see Beanie Sigel get frustrated with Charlamagne’s questions. We saw a man who tried to use aggressive behavior to overpower the sense that Charlamagne was making. Bean was too focused on convincing the crew that he was too “hard” to accept constructive criticism from another man. That’s a typical sign of a man suffering from toxic masculinity.

When we talk about toxic masculinity, we’re referring to the worst parts of our society’s definition of what makes a man a REAL man. Some of us fail to realize that being “hard” or from the streets isn’t the standard definition. In fact, that’s more on what we’re accustomed to believe.

In today’s society, if you’re not hood enough, show emotions, have sympathy, or have your own beliefs about certain things, you’re considered the opposite of the typical standards men have about masculinity.

Bean has clearly proven in this interview that he doesn’t need anyone questioning his “realness” because of the world he’s from; he’s dealt with “attempted murders at the height of his career”.

I respect his opinions and I’ll leave it at that. However, What’s a world full of men with the mind that he has?

It’s a world without growth, understanding, and a lot of disrespect for people who dare to speak their minds.


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Bobby Brown sits down with Robin Roberts for his most transparent and emotional interview. He opens up about his marriage with Whitney Houston, which included money troubles and substance abuse, dealing with her death, and the death of his daughter,Bobbi Kristina Brown, whose death eerily resembles that of her mother’s. The interview airs Tuesday night on ABC at 10/9c, but you can catch a clip here! Hit play below.

Author, radio host, social activist, and Georgetown University professor, Michael Eric Dyson, visited ‘The Breakfast Club‘ and as always, broke it down about today’s societal issues. From Bill Cosby to Stacey Dash, Dyson spoke his mind, as well as discuss his new book, ‘The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America’.

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Last week, we announced Steve Harvey’s  upcoming two-day special interview with Miss Universe Winner Pia Wurtzbach and runner-up, Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez. As part two of the special titled Miss Universe: The Truth, The Miss Colombia interview that EVERYONE has waited on aired Tuesday.

As Steve introduced Ariadna, she gracefully made her way out to Steve and greeted him with a heartfelt hug. Steve, overcome with emotion, expressed how much it meant to him for her to be there. Ariadna and Steve discussed the humiliating mistake Steve made crowning Miss Colombia as Miss Universe, instead of the actual winner, Miss Philippines. Steve and Ariadna also discussed how the controversy affected them and their families, how they’ve both moved on, and forgiveness.

Ariadna appeared to be in good spirits, despite her very public humiliating experience of having the Miss Universe crown taken away from her. They both even shared some laughs after reading memes about them.

It’s clear that Miss Colombia isn’t holding a grudge against Steve Harvey and that’s a beautiful thing.

Gutierrez said the experience felt like a “nightmare” and revealed that several lawyers contacted her, suggesting that she sue.

“That’s not me,” she said. “That’s not who I am.”
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R. Kelly made a recent appearance on Huffington Post Live to promote his latest project, The Buffet. The interview seemed to be going well at first…that is, until the interviewer brought up his past allegations. Kelly went into full defense mode, turning the interview into one of the most awkward and uncomfortable interviews I’ve ever seen.

Watching the interview, I became convinced about a few things…9 things I’ve learned from this interview, watching R. Kelly made a fool of himself.

1)The more defensive he became, the more guilty he appeared to be

2)There’s a saying, “a dog will bark the loudest when it feels threatened.”…or some shit like that. Kelly is that damn dog.

3)He doesn’t give a damn about his alleged victims

4)He needs  bigger royalty checks

5)He wants to screw the interviewer

6)He just wants to leave, so he can go to McDonalds

7)He obviously didn’t think the inteviewer would bring up the allegations. Therefore, he’s naïve.

8)He never answered that fan’s Twitter question and probably doesn’t care

9)No matter how brilliant of a singer and songwriter he is, there’s no fixing the damages he’s caused to his own career. The proof is in the album sales.

R. Kelly’s unsavory past will forever affect his album sales. What I’m surprised about is how he has the balls to ask for support from the black communities.

It’s so obvious why he’s lacking in sales, but he’s begging for support on video like he was never accused of sex crimes with underaged girls.

Anyway…watch the full interview below and tell me what you think!