Social media allows us to share many things…to a fault.

Sometimes, we can abuse our social media, subjecting our followers to pointless stuff from endless selfies that all look alike to videos of humans having sex with animals.

It’s all enough to make us want to drop off the face of the earth. The job of social media is to provide convenience through digital/virtual assessibility, escapism from the real world while socializing with other folks from all over, and its purpose is to make our lives easier. With what we see daily on our timelines, some folks don’t need to have social media.

As a result, I feel compelled to share the 8 ways we can utilize our social media better.

Be resourceful– We love information that we could use for our benefit. From a link to an informative article to a special recipe, being resourceful for your followers/friends is a helpful way to utilize your social media. Your friends may not say it, but they appreciate information like that.

Be encouraging– You’ll never know what a daily motivational quote or your positive status updates can do for a person feeling discouraged. Your motivating post might be the match to light their fire.

Share events– For some odd reason, promotion teams  sucks when it comes to promoting upcoming concerts/shows/plays/etc. and has for the last few years. Someone who could be a fan of an artist will appreciate your generous sharing of website links for tickets. The last three concerts I attended I found out through social media.

Network- What’s social networking when you don’t network? When it comes to socializing on social media, there’s nothing better than connecting with like-minded people. This will also help you gain more attraction for your business or brand.

Promote your brand/business– Promoting your brand/business on social media will really boost its popularity. Because social media gives you broader access to social media users all over the world, you’ll have a greater chance at profiting.


Stay in touch with family & friends– Social media is great, especially for staying connected with family and friends, particularly those who are out-of-town.


Create a forum/Group with a meaningful purpose– A positive public forum that is dedicated to having discussions on topics involving awareness, solutions, bettering communication, and bridging the gap is a great way to socialize.


Stay interactive– From experience with my social media, I can tell you that no one likes a “wallflower”. Someone can tell when you’re not active when they view your conversations on your profile or lack thereof. If your social media profile shows your last status update/picture/tweet was posted months ago or all we see are game updates, then maybe you don’t need a “friend list”.  Otherwise, be interactive. Let your friends/followers know that you’re there to socialize and network and not just taking up space on their list.




Two non-black women decided to log onto Instagram and target black beauty vlogger, Jennifer Olaleye, with comments asserting that her confidence as a darker-skinned woman is contrived.

“I don’t know where dark skinned girls are getting this confidence from”, one troll commented.


Of course, Jennifer didn’t back down! She replied to both with a clapback that was so classy, yet, beautifully synoptic with chosen words, reppin’ Black Girl Magic! Her response almost made me give her a standing ovation!


Many of Jennifer’s supporters came through with mad love for her.



My thoughts:

I am baffled that some women on this earth still feels the need to tear another woman down. Another thing I’m baffled about is the fact that non-black women spend thousands on skin-tanning (among other things) to look like women they put down.

As a darker-skinned woman, I’m offended that some people believe women who look like me aren’t supposed to exude confidence. I’m sorry that my melanin makes you feel some type of way. What I won’t apologize for is finding my confidence after years as a young girl looking for it. What I won’t apologize for is being able to finally wrap my all of my confidence around me like my favorite blankie.

If you can’t get with that, then that’s your issue.

Kudos to Jennifer for putting those trolls in their places so effortlessly.

What are your thoughts on this?


Shemar Moore is slamming ignorant folks for their comments on this photo he’s posted on the ‘gram. It’s raised speculation about his sexual orientation because apparently to some folks, it looks “gay”.

Peace Out Toronto… Thank You for all the love n good times ✌🏾️✌🏾️

A photo posted by Shemar Moore (@shemarfmoore) on

Moore didn’t hesitate to let the people know how he felt about their comments.

Yup… I said it!!! Let the comments begin… 🙊😷 I got NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR MY FANS… PERIOD!!! 😘❤️

A video posted by Shemar Moore (@shemarfmoore) on


This takes me back to a piece I’ve written about how society finds it difficult to separate male bonding from emasculation. This is also a simple case of homophobia rearing its ugly head and the people who are giving a platform to expose their idiocy.

Toxic masculinity and homophobia are running rampant in a country full of people who are conditioned to believe certain things. As a result, they expose their ignorance about things they misunderstand or aren’t accustomed to.

Good for Shemar Moore for standing up for himself!

With his latest Instagram pic with the legendary Stevie Wonder, Common serves fans a warning about new music. That could only mean one thing: There’s a collab coming….and we are here for it!!!!


In the studio with Stevie! You’ve been warned. #newmusicalert

A photo posted by Common (@common) on

in 2016, yet, I’m not surprised at the ignorance that still lives in some people.

The Mac Cosmetics line recently posted a picture of a Black model wearing Mac’s “Matte Royal” lip color at the New York Fashion Week  and trolls turned the popular makeup brand’s comment thread into racial shambles! A few even commented that they would unfollow the brand.


Royal romance at @ohnetitelny #AW16. #MACBackstage #NYFW

A photo posted by M∙A∙C Cosmetics (@maccosmetics) on



The photo has over 30,000 comments and counting. Of course, there are some of us who try to instill good sense in some people.




Mac Responds:




The model who owns those beautiful set of lips responded as well:

Model Call, Aamito Lagum
Keep slayin’ racists in their dreams, babygirl.
You slay…all day!